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Why do people love chips?

Whether you’re tucking into a cone of thick, chunky chips drenched in salt and vinegar with your takeaway battered fish, or savouring the crispy, salty taste of skinny French fries with a burger, no one can deny how much they love chips. I love them for evenings when I want to throw something quick and tasty together as they don’t take long to cook and they’re always a staple in my freezer. Plus, I don’t know anyone who turns down the offer of a portion of chips!

Chips and green fork

Quick and easy to cook

When I’m in a rush or I’ve had a busy day, chips are my go-to staple. I can grab a bag from the freezer – usually my McCain chips – and stick them straight in the oven while I prepare the rest of the meal. I know the family will eat them, so I don’t need to think too hard about what to cook. Oven chips are so quick and easy to cook, without being too unhealthy, that they’re a necessity in most family freezers.

Versatile in meal planning

From sweet potato fries and French fries to chunky twice-cooked chips and potato wedges, the simple potato is one of the most versatile foods we eat. Whatever you’re eating, you can find a style of chip to suit. It makes meal planning much easier too, as they go with anything you cook, so you don’t need to plan ahead too far.

Why do people love chips? French fries

Ideal for everyone

Everyone loves a portion of chips, it’s just a fact of life and because they come in so many different varieties, you can accommodate for all sorts of food intolerances. It’s easy to find gluten-free chips in the supermarket now (and even from takeaways!), and most oven chips are low fat and low salt.

Great for a budget

Chips are super easy to make, even from scratch. All you need are a few large potatoes, some oil, seasoning and a baking tray. You can even prepare them in bulk and freeze them for later. Oven chips are just as cheap and as they come in such huge bags, you get great value for money. The earliest known reference to French fries is in Charles Dickens’ famous novel, A Tale of Two Cities. So, if the humble chip is good enough for the austere Victorians, it’s good enough for our household budgets!

Why do people love chips? Burger and chips

Scientifically-proven scents

When someone starts eating chips or French fries next to you, it’s almost impossible not to start craving that crispy, salty taste too. Well, it turns out that smelling chips and wanting them isn’t down to personal taste – there’s scientific evidence behind it! During National Chip Week in 2009, scientists at Leeds University analysed the smell of chips and French fries. They found that the simple chip, when cooked properly, contains nine different aromas! It includes butterscotch, cocoa, onion, earthy potato, flowers, cheese and even ironing boards. They discovered that chips that were lightly or undercooked only had three aromas, explaining why no-one can resist those chunky, twice-cooked fries.

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