What Does Your Forever Home Look Like?

What Does Your Forever Home Look Like?

What is your favourite TV programme? Mine is Grand Designs. I love it beyond words and have done so for the last 18 years, back when Kevin McCloud actually had some hair on his head. There is something about watching people from all different walks of life designing and then building their dream forever home that is so inspiring. I find that I become quite emotionally invested in their story, even if I’m not very keen on the style of the finished house.

I also find that by the end of each episode I am designing my own self-build forever home in my head. For a while I was very much of the opinion that my dream forever home would be a traditional bricks and mortar style of building, but over the last few years that has changed.

My dream self-build home now would most likely be a kit house, and indeed some of my most favourite Grand Designs episodes have been the ones where they have chosen a kit house, an off the peg design as it were. And while the idea of a kit house may make you think that they would all be a bit samey every single one has actually been highly individual.

I recall seeing one kit house where the client had requested the addition of some outdoor wooden stairs that led from the master bedroom down to a garden area that was secluded from the rest of the property and overlooked a lake. It seemed like the most idyllic idea, and definitely something I would consider should we ever build our own home. And we lived by a lake – obvs. The client chose it all with a click of a mouse – they knew they would buy staircases online, buy the fixtures and fittings online, they knew they would buy the whole house online!

The range of kit homes available is really quite wide. From the traditional log cabin style build (which I have all the heart eyes for I have to admit – I have a whole ‘Little House on the Prarie’ living off grid scenario playing out in my head right now) right through to the ultra modern looking Huf Haus design that originates from Germany. 

Being able to go on the internet and pick our forever home, have it delivered on the back of a lorry and then built within a couple of weeks sounds perfect to an impatient person such as me. Especially as it means I can then concentrate on choosing the all important things such as the soft furnishings and furniture. 😉

But in reality I know we are unlikely to ever go down the self-build route, but it doesn’t stop me from day dreaming about it, does it? 

Would you ever consider a self-build? What is your idea of your forever home? I’d love to know!

Catherine xxx



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