What do the Colours in Your Home Say About You?

What do the Colours in Your Home Say About You?

When we moved into our rental home five years ago we were quite taken aback. The previous tenants had, so it seemed, been given free rein to decorate the house as they wished. It’s quite rare for this to happen with a rental as most landlords prefer walls to be painted in the standard colours of white and magnolia.

Our home though was an absolute riot of colour! The living room was purple and yellow, and the dining room had three grey walls with one purple wallpapered feature wall. While it wasn’t to my taste it did make me wonder about what sort of personality the previous tenants had.

What do the Colours in Your Home Say About You - dining room with feature wall

Julian Charles has recently published an e-book called Colour Your Personality all about colour psychology, and what the colours you use in our homes says about you.

From reading the e-book I’ve come to the conclusion that the previous tenants were highly organised yet creative people due to their use of both purple and yellow, and the grey of the dining room suggested that had a very calm personality.

We lived with these colours for a while but I personally found the grey of the dining room to be quite oppressive and claustrophobic (I do like grey in decor but this shade just wasn’t right for our north facing dining room).

When we spoke to our landlord about decorating he said that we could only use white or magnolia (which makes me think that the previous paint job had been done without permission), so any colours injected into the house has to now be via furniture and accessories. 

The living room, although still a work in progress, feels calming and relaxed due to our use of brown in the form of the sofa and wooden floor.

Our bedroom is the only room that still has colour on one wall – a muted and calming shade of green. The room is in desperate need of a repaint and this is something we will get around to doing this autumn.

However, I do really like the current colour in the bedroom and feel a bit bereft that we will have to paint the whole room white. I’m planning on incorporating some of that shade of green in the form of new bedding (is there anything nicer than climbing into a bed with new bedding?) and maybe a couple of botanical prints for the wall.

Reading the e-book has made me realise that I am now a fan of the more muted, natural tones – such as brown and green. I like colours and shades that bring a sense of calmness and cosiness to a home.

What colours do you use in your home? Are you someone who loves the vibrancy of reds and yellow, or do you, like me, prefer calming shades and tones? I’d love to know, so why not leave a comment!

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