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Walkers, Smiths, or Lays – Three Names, Same Brand

A few weeks ago I was chatting to a friend who had just recently returned from traveling. She had spent a fantastic couple of months in Australia and New Zealand, and then a few weeks visiting family in the USA on her way home. 

While we were chatting I mentioned that for my lunch that day I had made the ultimate comfort food quick fix – a crisp sandwich. We then proceeded to have an almost heated debate about what makes the perfect crisp sandwich. 

Walkers, Smiths, or Lays - Three Names, Same Brand

She said that in her opinion the ideal crisp sandwich is freshly cut white bread with Marmite lightly spread across it and then filled with cheese and onion flavour crisps.

Naturally, I told her she was talking rubbish as EVERYONE knows that a crisp sandwich should only be made with Warburtons sliced bread, a good covering of butter and a whole bag of Walkers Salt & Vinegar crisps squished inside. And it needs to be served a big mug of builders tea, obviously (Yorkshire Tea for the win!).

It was then my friend mentioned that when she was on her travels she noticed that Walkers crisps had completely different branding in Australia, where they are known as Smiths, and also in the USA where the visual branding is the same but the name is different (Lay’s instead of Walkers). 

Walkers, Smiths, or Lays - Three Names, Same Brand

When she said that it reminded me of a great infographic I had seen recently from online label company, Data Label listing a lot of the branding variations across the world and I found it amusing how many brand and product names vary from country to country. 

For example, in Australia, there is already a brand called Burger King, so the brand that we know over here in the UK with that name is known as Hungry Jacks instead. In the French-speaking region of Quebec in Canada, Kentucky Fried Chicken is known by the French variation of the name – Poulet Frit Kentucky.

And when it comes to Wall’s Ice Cream I was amazed to find that while the famous heart logo is used worldwide the brand itself goes by 27 different names including Selecta (the Philippines), Good Humor (USA), Frisko (Denmark), and Streets (Australia).

Walkers, Smiths, or Lays - Three Names, Same Brand

My friend is soon off on her travels again (lucky thing!) – she says her plan is to try to squeeze in as many European countries as possible before next March – so I’ve given her the infographic to take along with her. Now, all this talk about food has made me peckish so I’m off to make a (proper) crisp sandwich.

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