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Using my Christmas Bullet Journal to stay organised over the festive period

Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la, la la la lah. Unless you are like me then it can be more “Tis the season to get stressy…” I’ll be the first to admit that there have been Christmases in the past where I haven’t been very organised, and as a result by the time Santa is loading up his sleigh I have been known to be crying into a bottle of Sherry in the kitchen. 

Last year, however, I decided that wasn’t going to let Christmas stress me out again. I knew that if I wanted to make it through in one sane piece then I needed to go into the festive season with military precision. I needed a Christmas Bullet Journal.

The Christmas bullet journal pages I put together last year were pretty rudimentary – just a meal plan, gift list and card list – but having these elements written down made a huge difference. When Christmas Eve rolled around I felt confident that I had everything needed for a lovely family Christmas… and that’s exactly what we had.

This year I have put my Christmas bullet journal pages together again, but have also added some additional layouts that I think will not just be useful, but also enjoyable to look back upon in the future.

My Christmas Bullet Journal

I would now like to publicly admit that up until last year I was terrible at sending Christmas cards. I’d buy the cards. I’d write the cards. I would put the cards in a safe spot on the kitchen worktop to take to the post office. The cards would still be sat on the kitchen worktop on Christmas Eve. Like I say, I was terrible. Having a Christmas bullet journal spread listing the cards I needed to send and then the date I sent them helped a lot last year.

The advent calendar spread was something I came across on Pinterest and thought it was cute. I would really like to credit and link back to the originator of the design but I can’t seem to find the pin that links back to them. If you happen to know who it is, please let me know!


Christmas Presents layout – pretty self-explanatory! In the past, though I have been known to buy gifts quite early in the year, hide them away in a safe place, and then forget about them until I happen to declutter that safe place sometime the next year. 

Stocking fillers and gifts received. Much like the gifts being put in a ‘safe’ place and being forgotten about, I have done the same with stocking fillers in the past.

Gifts received – this is for the children mainly, so they have a list of who to send thank you cards to.

My favourite layout – the Christmas food! Here is where I will write down our menu’s for the festive season. I will also add a budget to aim for. 

To-do list – this is could also be called the Christmas Brain Dump, Christmas Rapid Log. This is the layout I will use to jot down, and then tick off, everything I need to do in the run up to Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve Box – I would really like to put a Christmas Eve box together this year, so this layout is for any ideas I have for it.

Festive Reading – I LOVE the idea of the book advent I see so many people do each year, and one year I will do it – but I don’t think it will be this year. However, I would like to buy a few Christmas themed books for the children to read throughout December. If you have any book reccomendations, please send them my way!

Festive Viewing – last year we made a pretty good attempt at watching some sort of festive film every day in December, and plan on doing the same again this year. 

So that’s what is in my Christmas Bullet Journal this year – there are so many other layouts that I could add too, but I know that I probably wouldn’t use them this year. 

Do you use your Bullet Journal to plan for Christmas? What are your essential Christmas Bullet Journal layouts?

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