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The Ultimate Beach Holiday Checklist

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You’ve just secured two weeks off work this summer and you’ve just booked your flights and accommodation. Come August you’ll be hot footing it to warmer climes and escaping the typical British summer. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve booked a trip to a Balearic or a Canary island, you simply have sun, the beach, cocktails, cuisine and relaxation on your mind. The key to making the most of your holiday is ensuring that you pack the most appropriate things. Take a look at this ultimate beach holiday checklist to ensure you have an incredible vacation.




While you envisage it being thirty degrees every day as you relax by the pool, reading a novel and sipping on your iced tea, you could be taken by surprise by a shower or two, especially in tropical environments. Even though you may only wear them once or twice, make sure you take a couple of jackets or long sleeved tops should you encounter a chill in the air. You don’t want to be cooped up in your hotel room because it’s a tad too cold to go out. It’s vital that you try and pack for every eventuality, no matter how slim.


You may be an advocate of the t-shirt and shorts combo. This is ideal for when you venture down onto the beach, have a paddle in the sea or go rock pooling. However, it might be nice to mix it up a bit and go on the hunt for the perfect sundress for you. By packing a couple of dresses, you can pair them down by wearing sandals and shades on the beach but also accessorise them up with a pair of wedge heels and a clutch bag if you plan on hitting the beachside bars in the evening.




Make sure you don’t forget the luxuries you need to make your holiday a haven of relaxation. If you have a vacation reading list, venture to the library or your local bookstore and pick up the novels you want to get stuck into. There’s nothing better than chilling out and immersing yourself in a good story by the pool or lounging on the beach with the waves lapping on the shore.


Pack your shades, your iPod and your smartphone. While you’re not planning on whiling away your hours with your eyes stuck to a screen scrolling through your Facebook feed, you might be tempted to post a selfie or two to show your pals back home what a good time you’re having. With your earbuds in and sunnies on, you can embark on a stress-free two weeks in the sun.


Sun Cream


Don’t be one of those holidaymakers who are so desperate to get a tan that they forego UV protection and bake on a sun lounger. We all know the health dangers of sun exposure so make sure you pack your sun cream and slap it on as and when needed. Sunburn is not only dangerous, but it can leave you in pain and prevent you from enjoying your vacation.


Heading off on a beach holiday is a very British pastime. It won’t be long before you embark on your vacation in the sun and enjoy an overseas summer adventure.


This is a collaborative post

this is a collaborative post

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