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Transform Your Spare Room Into Your Very Own Library Hideout

This is a collaborative post



Do you have a love of reading? – That way you can be taken into a world that you never knew existed, and get lost in there for hours on end, only to return to reality and promise that you’ll come back again tomorrow… That’s the beauty of books. – It’s also what makes libraries such a wonderful place to escape to. They’re quiet, and welcoming, and you don’t have to pretend to be anyone else but yourself. There’s something so inviting about them, and calming, and comforting. So why not create your own space like that within your home?

If you’ve been wanting to sort out that spare room full of junk, but haven’t known quite what to do with it yet – there’s your answer. Turn it into your very own, personal library!


It may sound like a rather overwhelming task, but don’t worry, here is everything you need to know.


Sort it out

This is the job that no one looks forward to doing. Let’s face it, going through all your loveable junk that you (for some reason) decided to keep, even though it’s hidden away in boxes covered in dust, is a bore! You know that you should just throw everything out because you can’t even remember what’s there, and yet, we find some sentimental value to everything. Do not fall into this trap!! If you know you won’t ever use it – bin it! It’s as simple as that. Your goal is to empty the room for a fresh start, and if you have anything of value – sell it.

Don’t expect to be done in a day (but congrats if you are!), as this can be a timely process depending on the size of the room and how many things are filling it up. So just go at your own pace. It shouldn’t be stressful; it should be exciting.


Spruce it up    

Now you have an empty room to deal with. It is most likely painted magnolia or beige, with a dated carpet that’s worn at the edges. Right? – Don’t be ashamed – we’ve all been there. But now it’s time for a change! Bring in a feature wall with a bold colour, something a little mysterious and intriguing, like a deep wine red, while keeping the others lighter (or darker) depending on the size of the room and the scene you want to set. If your room is relatively small, then you’ll want to open it up with a lighter shade. Whereas if you have quite a bit of space, then you can take things darker and warmer. And don’t forget about the floor. Wood is a lovely way of adding a touch of nature to the room, but if you’re after something a little cosier, then a nice fluffy mocha coloured carpet will do just fine.


Set the tone

All that’s missing now is the furniture that make your now stunning emptiness, a lavish library. First, you’re going to need your comfy spot. – The spot that you can curl up in, stretch out on, and lose yourself again and again. It’s all about the comfort, and of course, the style. If you’re looking for something classic with an elegant touch, then a chesterfield sofa would be ideal. They’re regal, attractive, and most importantly – a dream to lounge on.

Now you need somewhere for all your books to go. You can go in the traditional direction with your standard bookcase, or you could get creative with interesting shapes and build your own case out of floating shelves.

Then comes the lighting. This is what really sets the atmosphere. You’re going to need a decent light for when the sun goes and you still want to read. A lamp will do, as you don’t want to light up the room too much and give it a hospital vibe! Consider adding a few other lamps that are different heights for some variety too. And even a candle or two.


The final touch

Now you’ve reached the final stages of your transformation, take a step back, and have a look if there’s anything missing. Take a day off from it, close the door, and then revisit it a couple days later with fresh eyes. You may think it’s absolutely perfect how it is and doesn’t need anything more. Or, you may add a plant in the corner to give the room some life – and oxygen! Then all that’s left to do is admire your work, and crack the spine of that book you’ve had your eye on…


This is a collaborative post

This is a collaborative post

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