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Three Things You Didn’t Think About When Falling For That Feature Window

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Three Things You Didn't Think About When Falling For That Feature Window

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash


When we’re on the hunt for a new home, there are a few things which tend to seal the deal. For some of us, it’s characterful additions such as wooden beams. For others, a feature window is enough to make a house more appealing. Who wouldn’t want a window with a view like that? If the scene is impressive enough, you’ll want to put an offer in before you’ve finished looking at the rest of the rooms. Feature windows really are THAT good.

Sadly for you, the novelty can soon wear off. Even before considering the practicalities of such a large window, you’ll find yourself committed. Is it any wonder, then, that buying a house with a window like this can let you in for some unpleasant surprises later on? If you aren’t careful, you could soon start seeing that view as a curse rather than a blessing.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, we’re going to look at a few of the things you didn’t think about when you signed up for a window that size. Knowing what to expect is half the battle, after all.

The heat you lose

With windows comes lost heat. That’s a fact. With large windows comes even more lost heat, and a potential draught you can never get rid of. Imagine sitting in your living room and never being able to get warm. Or, what if the feature window in your bedroom stops you from being able to sleep? A fantastic option here would, of course, be to replace that glass with double glazing. This is pricey, of course, but it could more than pay for itself with the heat is saves. It’s also worth checking that large window seal on a regular basis to avoid nasty draughts.

The exposure you face

Three Things You Didn't Think About When Falling For That Feature Window

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

Even if your feature windows faces out onto your garden, it may let you in for some level of exposure. When your window is lit in the dark, after all, even houses to the side of you will be able to peer straight in. That can be disconcerting. In this instance, your best bet would be to invest in blinds. By putting wooden shutters in place, you can be sure not even a slither of light is visible from outside. With these also helping to keep heat in, they could be the answer to your unexpected woes.

The dust that gathers

Windows gather dust and dirt no matter what their size. But, with small windows, it’s not all that visible. If your feature window spans from floor to ceiling, though, those marks will soon start to show. Obviously, you could pay for a professional to come out and clean it at regular intervals. But, that’s yet more expense. Lucky for you, products like the Zuwit can make this job easier than you would ever imagine. With one of these and a bowl of soapy water to hand, you can get that feature window sparkling again in less than half an hour.

This is a collaborative post

This is a collaborative post

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