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Summer Holiday Bucket List and Free Printable

It’s only three weeks until the school holidays start. Three weeks until the kids break up for six weeks of summer holiday mayhem.

Normally this is the point in the year where I turn into a headless chicken because, as is to be expected with me, I haven’t got my s*** together.

Two years ago I went into the school summer holidays with absolutely nothing planned, and I really paid for it over the course of the next six weeks.

By the time September came round, I was a frazzled mess and the kids were on the verge of turning feral.

Last year was marginally better. Aside from the first three weeks where we all fell ill, I tried to ensure that we went out once or twice a week. But again, I know that I could have organised our time together better.

This year I am pretty determined that we have as an enjoyable summer holiday as possible, and that I make it through to September reasonably unscathed. To be honest, if I can make it to September without hiding in the utility room chugging on a bottle of pinot grigio and face planting all the cake then I’ll class that a pretty successful summer all round. 

One thing we are doing this summer is writing out a bucket list of things we would each like to do over the school holidays. 

I wish I had done this last year, and the year before that too, because I was surprised at just how low key much of the kid’s bucket list wishes were. Last year I thought they wanted to spend all their days (and all our money) out at various attractions – it turned out they would have been just as happy to stay at home and have a picnic in the garden, do some baking, or watch a movie in bed on a rainy afternoon.

Summer Holiday Bucket List and Free Printable - G writing out her bucket list


I’m even writing my own bucket list for the summer holiday – I’m including things to do as a family, but also things to do just for myself, and Rob and I too. 

The kids are still working through their lists, but already we have a nice mixture of things planned. Their lists have also made me feel a bit more positive about how I will be able to juggle my freelance work over the summer too – and to hopefully make everything just that little bit more manageable.

In fact, I think it’s fair to say that this year I’m actually looking forward to summer holidays – and having a bucket list of ideas to work with is a big reason why! 



If you would like to get in on the summer bucket list action then I’ve made a free printable for you to download. 

To download the bucket list just click the link!

Summer Bucket List

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Summer Holiday Bucket List and Free Printable


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