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Still Sofa So Good? A Sofology Sofa Update.

It’s been a few weeks since my post about my visit to the opening of the new Sofology store in Norwich, so I thought a little update might be in order.

You may recall that while I was in the store I picked a sofa suite for our living room. Oh, boy, that was a difficult choice to make. I drove to the store that morning with a pretty good idea of the style I was going to order, but upon walking in and seeing the many different options available (styles I hadn’t even considered) I started to doubt my original choice.

Sofa So Good with Sofology - Crushed Velevet Heaven
Let’s just take a moment to gaze upon the glory that is The Cricketer – one day it will be mine, oh yes it will.

I doubted my original choice so much that I nearly ordered the lush velvet heaven that is the Cricketer range instead. But once I snapped myself out of my Mad Men daydream I knew what I had to do – I had to go with my original choice, the one I knew would work perfectly in our home. The Concetto. 

Fast forward to a Wednesday morning a few weeks later and my sofa was delivered in what felt like an act of military precision. I had been advised they were coming that day the week prior, and half an hour before they arrived the driver called me to confirm someone would be at home when they arrived. 

Once they pulled up at my house I think they took less than 20 minutes from start to finish to unload the sofas, fit the feet and protective caps, and clear up and take away all the packaging. The chaps were very helpful and incredibly efficient – a real credit to the Sofology brand.

Close up of the Concetto sofa

Once the sofas had been placed in the exact locations I wanted, and once I had signed my paperwork, the delivery chaps departed and I plonked myself down on the big sofa and realised I had picked the right style after all. I knew the Concetto was the right choice for us.

Concetto Sofa in living room

Two weeks on and I still think they are the right choice for us. The whole family loves them – even the kids have refrained from using them as a bouncy castle which is a miracle in itself!

Knowing that the sofas were coming gave me the push to get rid of the furniture we no longer needed – all of which we donated to Age UK. I bought a new TV unit to replace the old one, but so far that is all I have done. The room looks far less cluttered than it did before, even though the sofas take up quite a chunk of the space.

The biggest difference they have made is to the feel of the room. They’ve helped bring a cosiness that just wasn’t there before. Before the sofas came the living room was a hodgepodge of styles, and fabrics, and colours. Everything clashed and it wasn’t a room that you wanted to stay in to relax.

But now, the Texas tan nubuck works so well with the hardwood floors, the brick of the chimney and with the muted tones of the rest of the room. It’s given the room a real sense of warmth and comfort.

They have made the living room the place where we all congregate at the end of the day, rather than being spread out across the house doing our own thing as we did before. They have helped to make our living room the heart of our home once again. 


This post has been written in partnership with Sofology






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