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Some Things For the Weekend

I thought I would start a little weekly round-up post, featuring things that have piqued my interest throughout the previous seven days. A list of links to everything that’s caught my eye or made my ears prick up. Some things for the weekend.

I used to write a similar type of post a few years ago called This Week in Five, and then, more recently, I occasionally joined in with Morgana’s Little Loves linky (which I still hope to do now it’s moved to a monthly link up). I enjoy reading these types of posts when I see other bloggers do them, so I hope you enjoy them too. 

Some Things for the Weekend

Watching: The Let Down on Netflix. Two Episodes in and I’ve already laughed so much I nearly peed myself more times than I care to admit to. 



Reading: The Cows by Dawn O’Porter (her of the amazing hair. I wish I could rock a bob the way she can!). I just started reading this based on my friend Hannah’s review, and so far am loving it. 



This post on The Pool about the contents of a four-year-old child’s pocket gave me all the feels. 

Wearing: The sun, apparently, is going to grace us with its presence for the whole of this bank holiday weekend (I’ve even heard the phrase ‘Scorchio!’ mentioned in hushed tones). Of course I have just realised that I don’t own any sandals (note to self: buy sandals!) but if I did own some they would most certainly be these Classic Red Saltwater sandals. Oh, I’ve lusted over these for many years yet have never quite got around to buying a pair. Maybe this will be the year that the Saltwaters and I finally meet.

Some Things for the Weekend - Classic Red Saltwater Sandals

Hearing: Eat the Elephant by A Perfect Circle. I was super excited when I heard that A Perfect Circle were releasing a new album. A few listens in and I’m a bit perplexed by it. Some of it is really lovely – the title track in particular – but there are also a couple of utter duds on there too. Maybe I need a few more listens…


Summer always makes we want to drink cocktails, and as it’s a bank holiday weekend I’m sure I will be able to fit in one or two while sat in the garden. I’m particularly keen to try the Gimlet and the Blackberry & Ginger Mule featured in this Huff Post article.

rapeseed field - Some things for the weekend

And finally this week… is there anything that yells “SUMMER!” more than a field of rapeseed against a clear blue sky? Nope, didn’t think so. This is next to our house, and even though it’s playing havoc with my hayfever, it sure is purty!

Have a great weekend! xxx


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