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Sofa So Good with Sofology

I make absolutely no apologies for just how cheesy the title of this blog post is. Because it is a post about a sofa that really is so good. And it’s a post about Sofology who make the sofa that is so good. And it’s a post about my visit to the opening of the new Sofology store in Norwich and choosing a sofa for our home.

Our current sofa came into our lives last autumn and cost a grand total of £20, from a local charity shop.  It has served its role as an emergency replacement to our previous sofa, which had definitely seen better days, and it has served us wonderfully. But it was never intended to be a permanent addition to our home. It was always going to be a stop-gap until we found the sofa of our dreams.

One year later and we had started thinking about looking for our new sofa. I had been browsing websites and blogs, pinning different styles to a secret board on Pinterest and ripping pictures out of interiors magazines (including one from the doctor’s surgery, I’m ashamed to admit!).

But despite all this pinning and ripping and mood-boarding that was I doing, I still couldn’t decide. The sofa picking struggle was real. 

Sofa So Good with Sofology

And then I received an email asking if I would like to attend the opening of the new Sofology store on Sprowston Retail Park in Norwich. It was serendipity on a grand scale.

You see Sofology are, as far as I’m aware, quite unlike any of the other big name sofa retailers. For a start, they don’t do the never-ending ‘Sales!’ that some of the other well-known sofa retailers seem to do. With Sofolgy you can be assured that they give you their lowest price year round. 

Sofa So Good with Sofology - the Candi Range

All of their sofas are handmade… to order. There is also none of the hard sell that you would normally expect when you visit a furniture retail store. And that is because their salespeople – their ‘Sofologists’ – are not paid on commision. They are not motivated by hitting a sales target at the end of the month. Their motivation comes from seeing their customer walk out of the store happy in the knowledge that they have just bought the perfect sofa suite for their family. 

And that motivation was obvious when I walked into the store. Obvious, yet understated. Yes, not long after I arrived I was greeted by a Sofologist, but there was no pressure to discuss what I was looking for. They saw that what I needed at that point was to just walk around and take in the various different collections for myself, to sit, to think about how they would work for my family. 

I browsed for about an hour – and when I say browsed I mean I sat on a lot of sofas. I sunk into some of the comfiest sofas ever. I oohed and aaahed over so many designs.

Sofa So Good with Sofology - Crushed Velevet Heaven

The Cricket range. My dream grown-up sofa.

I saw the crushed velvet sofa of my dreams – the sofa I WILL buy once the kids have grown up and left home. It is my Mad Men dream of a sofa; the sofa I will slink into each evening with my martini in hand a la Joan Holloway. It is the ultimate grown-up sofa… and one day it will be mine. 

But today is not that day. 

Sofa So Good with Sofology - Concetto sofa

The Concetto. Our chosen sofa.

Today I have chosen a sofa that is both beautiful and functional. The Concetto is strong yet classic in design. It will, with any luck, serve our family well for the next few years. It’s also versatile – it’s Texas Tan Nubuck leather will suit our 160-year-old cottage just as well as it would a modern build. It would perfectly match mid-century furniture just as well as it would in present-day designs like a Kallax or Hemnes, or any other collection from Ikea. 

It is the perfect choice for us. And I can’t wait for it to arrive in a few weeks time…


This post has been written in partnership with Sofology.




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