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Soaking up the vitamin D

Last weekend was glorious – wall to wall sunshine, warmth, flowers blossoming, the smell of freshly cut grass in the mornings making way to the smell of the first BBQ’s of the year. It was the perfect weekend for soaking up the vitamin D. We purposefully made a point of staying close to home all weekend – the idea of heading to the beach, however nice it is, didn’t fill me with joy (when you grow up in a coastal town or village, as I did, you know that the first properly hot weekend of the year means the beach will be jam packed – it can feel as if the entire population of East Anglia has decided to head to the seaside all at once). 


So we enjoyed a quiet Saturday at home – playing in the garden, pottering about in our new vegetable patch, and enjoying our first BBQ of the year. Saturday was hot, and there was little to no breeze which meant that a certain member of the Lewis family (ie, not me, and not the kiddies) did that terribly British thing of complaining about the heat in the afternoon. Only a few days beforehand we were moaning about the cold and rain! 


Sunday was more of the same, except there was a slight breeze so no ‘gosh, this is too hot for me’ comments. We headed over to my sister’s house in the afternoon for a BBQ. My sister only lives 7 miles away but in the last year I have seen her just twice. Twice! Not good. We just haven’t been able to match our diaries up with each other until now. It was lovely to spend time with my side of the family – my nieces were there with their children, and the kiddies had a great time playing with their cousins. 



We ended the weekend back in our garden enjoying the last of the sunshine and trying to exhaust two small people who appeared to have never-ending energy. 

It’s these types of weekend that I love the most. The ones where you are not rushing around. Where you make time for each other. Where you enjoy the simple things in life. I’m hoping for a summer filled with weekends like this. 



    • Catherine
      12th May 2016 / 8:29 pm

      Thanks Katy! Oh God, please let it be a proper summer – minimal rain, plenty of sunshine! xxx

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