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Simple Summer Dining with House

I don’t know about you but in this hot weather spell we are having the last thing I want to do in our house is spend time near a hot oven cooking dinner.

I am normally more than happy to while away an hour stirring something on the hob, but while this outrageously good weather is blessing us I’d rather pick something I can just put together from whatever lurking in the fridge. 

Dinner at the moment generally consists of a big bowl of salad, some meat, maybe cheese, and either some crusty bread or, if I’m feeling particularly virtuous a bowl of Quinoa or brown rice. Although, if given the choice between quinoa and a fresh crusty bloomer loaf then the loaf wins nine times out of ten. Especially if it’s smothered in butter. Om nom nom. 

Normally our slapdash fridge raid dinner is served up in whatever bowls and plates we have to hand as we don’t have a nice selection of matching serving plates that we use on an everyday basis.

House post - Wine glass, salad and serving board

However, even the most humble mealtime feels special when a bit of effort has gone into presentation, doesn’t it? So, when House got in touch to ask if I would like to try out a selection of items from their range I happily accepted.

House is an Australian brand I have been aware of for a couple of years. Just recently though they have started to open stores here in the UK, and on this coming Saturday (August 4th) they will be opening their sixth UK store, in Norwich.

House post - platter

It’s fair to say that I’m incredibly excited that they are coming to Norwich. Both Rob and I love cooking, and House are known as homewares and kitchen specialists, so to have a dedicated kitchenware store where staff are more than happy to impart their expertise is pretty fantastic.

Among the items that House kindly gifted us was two pinot noir wine glasses from Cellar, a set of 3 cheese knives, a gorgeous stoneware salad bowl from Alex Liddy, and an acacia wood serving board also from Alex Liddy. All of these items feature in the photos I have taken. 

I am so impressed with everything they sent over – especially the wine glasses. I guess it’s a true indication of just how much of a heathen I am as I didn’t realise that you can get specifically shaped glasses for different wine varieties (with the exception of champagnes and sparkling wines, of course). Having now tried a pinot noir in a glass specifically suited to that grape variety I am keen to try other glass styles too and will be heading to House to see what they recommend.

House post - dinner on the table

The new House store will be located in the upper mall of intu Chapelfield and will offer in excess of 4,000 items for sale including cookware, bakeware, kitchen gadgets, glassware, table linen, small electrical appliances, and accessories. 

House very kindly sent me the items mentioned in this post to celebrate the opening of their new store at intu Chapelfield however, as always, all words, thoughts, and images are my own.



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