Review: Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree from The Christmas Forest

I adore Christmas. I know I’ve said it before but it’s true. I’ve always loved Christmas but since becoming a parent that feeling has grown exponentially. And while we don’t go out and do all the Christmassy things that involve ALL THE MONIES I do try to make our time at home together as special as possible. 

Christmas Forest Review - baubles

One Christmas area I’ve wanted to improve upon though is the tree. For years we have used an artificial tree at Christmas – in fact, in all the time Rob and I have been together we have never had a real Christmas tree. I can remember having a real tree as a child and thinking it was such a magical thing, and I wanted my children to have that experience too.

A few weeks ago the team at The Christmas Forest reached out to me and asked if I would like to receive, and review, a Nordmann Fir Christmas tree. It was ideal timing as I had just started thinking about what type of tree I was going to buy this year as our artificial tree has reached the end of its life and needs to be replaced.

The trees from the Christmas Forest – Nordmann Fir’s and Norway Spruce’s – are grown on their own Christmas tree farm in Scotland. The Christmas Forest has ten pop up shops located across London, for people to pick and collect their own trees should they wish, however, they also offer a really handy nationwide delivery service – which is what I used.

Christmas Forest - before decoration

And so, a few days ago I received delivery of a very well wrapped up Christmas tree, and stand. I spent about half an hour setting the tree up – sawing 2cm off the bottom as recommended, fitting it into the stand, watering it, and removing the net.

I know that artificial trees have come on in leaps and bounds over the years and that there are some very lovely looking ones available – but after removing the net from our Christmas Forest tree I realised that there really isn’t an artificial tree that could ever compare to the beauty of a real one.

The tree stayed in its natural state for two days, until Saturday, when we went through our boxes of decorations and chose how we were going to decorate it.

Christmas Forest close up 1

Christmas Forest close up 2

Christmas Forest close up 3

480 twinkly lights and lots of silver and glass baubles and decorations later and the tree was finished. I can’t stop looking at it at whenever I walk past the room – it brings a big smile to all of our faces and makes the whole room feel very festive indeed. 

Christmas Forest full decorated tree

Disclaimer: The Christmas Forest very kindly sent us a 6ft Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree for the purpose of this review, however, as always, all words and images are my own.







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