Review: Bringing Photographs to Life with Parrot Print

I take lots of photographs every day – a lot of the time it is for work, but a good proportion are personal. I try to capture snaps of the children throughout the day – to capture a moment in time we will never get back. 

But once I take that photo what happens to it? Well, to be honest, nothing happens to it. It sits there in the gallery folder on my phone, and a copy goes whizzing off to another folder on the cloud. But that is it. 

Parrot Print - side ways look


If I was taking photos 15 years ago I wouldn’t have been using my phone, and I certainly wouldn’t have a digital camera. Any photos would have been taken on my little point and shoot camera using a film cartridge which would then need to be developed.

Back then images captured on camera would become physical photographs that would be collated into albums or framed and hung on a wall, or placed on a surface for everyone to see.

I realised a few weeks ago that while we have thousands of photos of the children stored away online we only have three physical photographs of them on display – and they were taken when they were babies. It was definitely time to display a few more family photos around the house.

That’s where Parrot Print come in with their photo canvas printing service. I hadn’t really considered having photographs printed on canvas before but a friend of mine has a couple of canvas prints on her wall and I was really impressed with the quality.

Parrot Print - three images

Ordering through Parrot Print couldn’t be easier.  I decided to order four prints and varying sizes and formats – landscape, portrait, and square. The website is simple to use and the whole ordering process is completed in a few simple steps.

The canvas prints arrived just two days later (if you order before 12pm Parrot Print offer free next day delivery on all orders over £20), and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.  The quality is exceptional – even on the close-up photo of G. 

Parrot Print - canvas print of G

The canvases look so good on the walls and I can’t help but stop and stare whenever I walk past them. 

I am going to order more canvas prints from Parrot Print as Christmas presents for grandparents etc – I know they will love them as much as we do, and the free next day delivery is such a bonus too, especially as Christmas looms even closer!

Disclaimer: Parrot Print kindly offered me a selection of canvas prints for the purpose of this review however as always, all words, thoughts and images are my own.



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