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Protecting You, Your Family, and Your Business From Scammers

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You want to believe that everyone is looking to help everybody else but there will always be someone looking to take advantage of those who may be just a little too trusting. With everything in life, you need to ensure that you fully vet anyone who you may be doing business with if you are to hope your business continues to grow as you wish it to.


That isn’t to say that you need to walk around being suspicious of every person you come across, and typically, those who want to work with you will be trustworthy. However, there is always the chance that if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is.


On the internet, while it has brought everyone together from all over the world, it has also given scammers the opportunity to hide behind their screens and present themselves as something they are not. The problem is that these scams can be a challenge to identify, so due diligence is a necessity.




Have you ever gotten a call from the William or whoever from the HMRC? Or someone informing you that your computer has a virus that can only be fixed by you handing over your bank details? This is, of course, a load of hogwash and should be treated as such.


The minute someone who you have not heard from before starts asking for sensitive information hang up or close your browser. The calls and messages may keep coming and so just ignore them. If it starts to border on harassment, then take measures to report this to the local police and inform your friends and relatives of what is happening.




If you are buying or selling a product, you want to ensure that you get paid for your services. Most people can be trusted to pay on time and will fulfil this obligation, however without being able to physically see the person, getting the money from them may prove more difficult than you anticipated. There are ways to combat this, including tools to securely establish proof that your customers are real that can ensure that you are not being taken for a ride.


And it works both ways, also. Many people have in the past been the victim of vendors selling fake tickets or perhaps legitimate tickets, only to find out that they never arrived in time for the event. This technique is also popular with ticket touts, who will charge fees for tickets that can be upwards of 1000% (not a typo) more than the initial price, especially for high demand functions.




No post on scammers would be complete without yet another warning about having ample, reliable, and robust security when it comes to your business’ sensitive data and information. This information can be concerned with your accounts, your client information, and customer data as well as your employees, too.


Researching a company that will take excellent care of your data will save you from any potential hacks that can prove ruinous for any business no matter how large or small. It will also help avoid losing hundred if not thousands in recouping your information, especially when these hackers try to hold you for ransom.




Speaking of ransom, and hopefully this will never happen to you (well, hopefully, none of these will happen to you). But there are people out there who will look to take your money through threats and supposedly life-ruining actions where they claim they have incriminating information about you and will release to your friends and family, thus ruining your reputation.


If this sounds familiar, you’ve probably seen ‘Shut Up and Dance’ from Black Mirror’s third season. Often, they will not have any incriminating evidence on you, yet they can be so convincing that even if you are entirely innocent, you still may not be sure. Ensuring that you do not give in to any threats and avoid responses will lead them to get bored and shift their attentions elsewhere.




Taking steps towards ensuring that you, your family and your business is secure from any potential scams or hacks will not only save your wallet but also your mental and physical health. There is enough stress and worry in the world already, don’t let some clown too scared to show their face ruin your life.


Remaining diligent and aware at all times will save you the trouble of succumbing to problems that are not your fault and any sleepless nights, and all the issues that come with it in the long run. Additionally, get on your social media accounts, report to the relevant persons and spread awareness of potential scams in your area to forewarn others and save them from falling victim to similar methods.


This is a collaborative post

this is a collaborative post

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