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Project 366 – Week 2

Week 2 of Project 366 has been a quiet one. I feel like we have well and truly got back into our daily routines, and we seem to just be plodding along quite nicely at the moment.  I know we are only two weeks into Project 366 but I have to admit that I am quite surprised that I managed to keep up with this project so far! I am quite good at starting something, then not completing it – but one of my resolutions this year is to complete any projects I start, rather than leave them half finished. Fingers crossed I will complete all 366 days! 

Week 2: Days 10 -16

366 Project - Day 10 - Felbrigg Hall


Day 10 – A walk around the grounds of Felbrigg Hall, on a beautifully bright and crisp winter’s morning.

366 Project - Day 11 - New Curtains

Day 11 – New curtains. Brand new, unused curtains, bought from the charity shop. I am not sure about the length as I think they are too short. 

366 Project - Day 12 - Clean Kitchen

Day 12 – A clean kitchen. I completely blitzed, and reorganised, the kitchen today. It is no longer the ‘general dumping ground’ for everyone’s ‘stuff’.

366 Project - Day 13 - Aloe Vera

Day 13 – Aloe Vera. 

366 Project - Day 14 - Slow Cooker

Day 14 – A freezing cold day with sleet and snow showers means one thing – Slow cooker beef stew with dumplings.

366 Project - Day 15 - Chocolate

Day 15 – I discovered a hidden tub of Christmas chocolates!

366 Project - Day 16 - Harry Potter

Day 16 – I am reading Harry Potter for the first time ever! I started yesterday. Only meant to sit down for 20 minutes, but two hours later and 85 pages in, I finally stopped. I can’t wait to read more later today. It’s not the type of book I would normally read, so I am surprised at how much I am enjoying it so far. 


I am linking up with The Boy and Me once again for the Project 366 linky. If you would like to see my photos from Week 1, you can find them here.

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  1. 17th January 2016 / 9:19 pm

    Hope that you enjoy reading HP, I loved the books! Our lounge room curtains were too short, so I sewed a wide band of plain, but coordinating fabric along the bottom and we think they look great, so if you decide that yours are too short perhaps the band of fabric would work – hope you don’t mind the suggestion! xx

  2. 17th January 2016 / 10:36 pm

    Great curtain purchase. I loved Harry Potter when I read it. Like you it’s not my usual stuff, and I reckon if I’d read it as a child I’d not have been keen.

  3. 22nd January 2016 / 9:19 pm

    Cant beat a stew and dumplings in the slow cooker when the weather is so wet and cold. I have never read the Harry Potter books, although I have seen all of the films, the children have all the books so I might give them a try. With nine of us in the house there are NEVER any left over chocolates, unless I actually hide them myself!

  4. 23rd January 2016 / 11:51 pm

    Harry Potter is wonderful, such a great book! I love finding Christmas food leftover, I always overbuy so have a box out in the porch!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 366.

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