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Preserved Lemons using Ball Preserving Jars

Last Christmas I was given a copy Persiana by Sabrina Ghayour as a present, and it soon became one of my most treasured cookery books. We have cooked many recipes from it over the last few months and as we are now entering the cooler months of the year there really is nothing as comforting as a tagine. Full of warmth and spice, it’s the perfect tonic on blustery days. But one ingredient that keeps popping up in the recipes is preserved lemons. Preserved lemons are now readily available in the herbs & spices aisle in most supermarkets but at £3 or £4 a pop for a small jar buying them feels like a bit of an expense, especially as we are trying to drastically reduce our food bill at the moment. 

A few days ago I was browsing at recipes online and saw one for preserved lemons that seemed so simple that even someone like me, who has never preserved a thing in her life, could make without any problems. Also, I had recently been sent some Ball Preserving Jars which have been crying out to be used.


Ball Preserving Jars are, in my opinion, the prettiest preserving jars around, with the ‘Ball’ name monogrammed on one side and berries on the other. They are a delight to look at and have on display. It’s just a shame my recipe for preserved lemons requires the jars to be stored in a cool, dark place until they are ready to be used. 

I found several different recipes for preserved lemons, some recommended covering them with liquid whereas others did not. In the end, I went with this recipe by Lisa Faulkner. It’s a surprisingly simple recipe that can be easily adapted.  


I now have three jars of preserved lemons hidden away in a cupboard, where they will stay for at least a month. I can’t wait to start using them in my cooking.

Have you ever preserved anything? What are your favourite recipes, or preserving tips & tricks? Why not pop me a comment in the box below!


I was kindly given a selection of Ball Preserving Jars to help start me on my preserving journey but, as ever, all thoughts and words are my own. 

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  1. 17th October 2016 / 5:43 am

    The first thing I ever bought for our house, after we’d signed the contract but before moving in, was a set of four preserving jars and I made lemons preserved in salt in one.
    They double up well as a vase or as holders for cutlery when we are having a lot of people over and I plonk everything on the table for everyone to help themselves.
    Your look really pretty. I hope the lemons taste gorgeous.

    • Catherine
      22nd October 2016 / 8:27 am

      Rob bought me a preserving kit for Christmas last year, but I didn’t get round to using it, but I have used all the jars he gave me as vases! Xxx

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