Out With the Old: A Little Living Room Wishlist

Out With the Old: A Little Living Room Wishlist

You may recall that a few weeks ago I had a terribly exciting day visiting the new Sofology store in Norwich, and that while there I chose new sofas for the living room. Now, many people may not consider buying a brand new sofa to be exciting – but when it’s the first brand spanking new sofa you’ve ever had then well, it’s a pretty darn exciting experience, let me tell you! 

And of course, being the fickle pickle that I am, now that we are getting this new sofa suite I, of course, want to change ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING in the living room! I want to transform the living room into a cosy and relaxing space to retreat to and enjoy family time together. And I’d like to do it in time for Christmas. Obviously.

It would be fair to say that there is no coherency in style when it comes to our living room. In fact, that is true for every room in the house. Our house is a hodgepodge of styles, of hand me downs and charity shop finds. And nothing suits. Nothing flows. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful that we were given these hand me downs and charity shop finds – so very grateful indeed. But we are now at a point where we can afford to treat ourselves to some new furniture, and the living room is going to be the first beneficiary.

Starting with the TV Unit. It’s the biggest piece of wooden furniture in the living room by far – it’s one of those big, chunky Corona units. Solid as hell, and has served us well as a home for our entertainment systems, and the bottom cupboard was used for downstairs nappy storage for a couple of years too.

But it really doesn’t suit anymore. It’s too big, too tall. Its height with a TV on top is imposing. It makes the TV the central focus of the room, which I’m not keen on at all. So I am on the hunt for unit lower to the ground, coffee table height or just a bit taller. 

There are some fantastic voucher codes for Argos at the moment so I have been taking a look at what’s available there. I like the sturdiness of this Premier Housewares 2 Door Media Unit, but I also have all the heart-eyes for this wonderfully retro Hygena Lumina Unit.



In addition to Argos I have also seen voucher codes for Oak Furniture Solutions, and I have been eyeing up their Oslo Entertainment Unit in Walnut. The Cadell Aged Oak Entertainment Unit has also made it onto my Pinterest board too.



Those are my top four choices at the moment, but like I mentioned earlier I’m quite fickle and I will probably wake up tomorrow not liking any of them anymore. But that just means I get to do more window shopping, and that’s no bad thing, is it?

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