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Our Plans for the Garden in 2019

This is a collaborative post

One of the things that swayed me towards this house when we were looking for a new place to live, was the garden. In addition to being bigger than our previous one, it also had the benefit of being pretty well established. Established, but recently neglected, that is.

It had obviously been lovingly cared for in the past. But, in recent years it had been somewhat left to its own devices. When I saw it I had grand visions of installing a new fence, adding LED security lights from LED Hut to the garage and generally bringing back to life what once had obviously been a beautiful country cottage garden.

(Side note; when I say I had grand visions – that much is true.  But, Monty Don I am not. I absolutely had plans to rope my green fingered mother in to help as much as possible)

garden plans for 2019 - lawn

Photo by Martin Kníže on Unsplash

In our first year here we decided to keep the garden neat and tidy and to just observe as bulbs popped up here, there and everywhere. You can read more about the first couple of years in our garden in this post, and also this one too.

Since then we have kept it well maintained. But, due to the constraints of renting, we haven’t been able to make any drastic landscaping changes. 

Our Garden Plans for 2019

This year however we are hoping to be able to make a few improvements. One of the things we would definitely like to do is grow vegetables again. We have a small area that we were able to turn into a vegetable patch a couple of years ago. At the time we actually had a decent crop of various vegetables and salad items.

We didn’t grow anything last year, but it would be nice to devote some time to the veggie patch again (especially if the impending zombie apocalypse that is otherwise known as Brexit is going to be as bad as the news reports suggest)

The exterior wall of our garage is very grubby and could do with a new coat of paint. I noticed just how grubby it was after we fitted our new house sign a few weeks ago. 

Finally, there is a section of garden that is in desperate need of some fencing. At the moment we have nothing but our bins separating us from the farmer’s field. It would be good to have that area finally all fenced off.

It would also be good to have a few pot plants on the concrete area by our back door (I’m loathed to call it a patio as it really doesn’t resemble one at all). Having a variety of flowers there should really brighten that area up

What are your garden plans for the year ahead? Why not drop me a comment and let me know.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post


This is a collaborative post

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