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Meal Plan Monday – w/c 18th Feb 2019

It’s Meal Plan Monday time again! The kids are on their half-term holidays this week, and while that means not having to get up early for the school run (yay!) it also means they will be asking for snacks a gazillion times a day.

We are also on week three of our #FoodSavvy Challenge (you can find out more about the challenge by reading this post). This week we are focusing on storage – looking at ways to store food so that it lasts longer, such as freezing. I plan on doing some bulk cooking as the week goes on and will then freeze everything into individual portions.

Meal Plan Monday - plate of food on blue background

Right let’s get onto the meal plan:

Monday: Cottage Pie – we have family staying for a couple of days so a big cottage pie always goes down well.

Tuesday: Soup – I’m going to make a big pot of soup using up whatever veg is lingering in the fridge. I imagine I will have the majority of the ingredients for my Spicy Butternut Squash and Parsnip soup lurking in the chiller drawer -so that’s the recipe I will most likely use.

Wednesday: Chicken casserole – possibly made in the slow cooker, but that all depends on how organised I am in the morning.

Thursday: Macaroni and broccoli/cauliflower cheese bake.

Friday: We are having a day out at the Dinosaur park today (there will be a review up next weekend) and taking a picnic with us. We will most likely have a pizza when we get home.

Saturday: Rob is away for the weekend so dinner will be something easy like fish and chips.

Sunday: As Rob won’t be back until late I think the kids and I will have something easy like a jacket potato. The kids will probably want cheese and beans with theirs and I might grab one of the chilli’s Rob made last week from the freezer to go with mine. 

As usual, I am joining in with Katy Kicker‘s weekly meal plan linky. If you are looking for some food inspiration it’s always a good place to head to.

Have a good week!




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