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March Bullet Journal Set Up

I know, there’s that saying about buses – you wait forever for one then three come along at once, and I guess that’s kind of true here as well. Two bullet journal posts in less than five days. ;-0 But, I thought after my Bullet Journal for Beginners post some of you might be interested to see my March bullet journal set up. Plus, I was given a shiny new journal as an early birthday present and I really wanted to set it up asap!



The original Bullet Journal way of setting up a monthly spread is to list the days and dates of the month on one page – with one line per date. When I first started using a bullet journal I tried that method, but it didn’t work for me. I definitely prefer a calendar view, such as the one below. To my monthly spread I also add a section for tasks for the blog and for home, and also a section for blog stats. It’s a pretty simple spread, but it works for me.


I go through phases with my gratitude log. Sometimes I devote two pages to it, and other months I add it to my weekly spreads. This month I have reverted to a dedicated gratitude log. 


March meal plan and habit tracker – Pretty self-explanatory. I normally meal plan for the entire month but haven’t got round to doing it yet. I love my habit tracker and have used it religiously for a few months now. I find the visual reminder it gives me very motivating – especially for things like ‘no smoking’ as I finally kicked that habit at the start of the year.


Mood Mandala – this will be the first month that I have attempted a mandala. Last month I had a spread for daily mood and I really liked the vibrancy of it. But then I saw Kara from Boho Berry do a mood mandala and I thought I would quite like to give it a go. As I’ve said before, I’m not an artistic person so the chances of this going horribly wrong are quite high!


This is Kara’s most recent Mood Mandala – isn’t it gorgeous! Mine will look nothing like that. 😉


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Daily Spread – This is a bit of a departure for me as I generally prefer a weekly spread (I don’t have enough going on in my life to warrant daily logs). But this week is going to be rather busy and fun so I thought I would try out dailies instead. I will most likely revert back to a weekly spread for next week.



The journal I am now using is a Leuchtturm 1917 (everyone’s favourite!), and, so far, I am very happy with it – there has been no bleed through from my pens, and very little ghosting too, although the pages do seem  a little thinner than my previous bullet journal (a Conceptum journal). This is also my first time using a dotted page, and I’m finding it easier to use than I thought I would. 

So, that’s my March bullet journal set up. As it’s a brand spanking new journal I have a few collections I want to add to it over the coming weeks, and I will write about those at the end of March. If you use a bullet journal what are your essential spreads to include every month?

Catherine xxx


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