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Looking Back at December 2018 {AD}

Disclosure: AD-GIFTED. UK Sign Shop very kindly sent a house sign to be featured in this post, however, as always, all words, images and opinions are my own.

Oh hey, hello. How was your December and Christmas? I hope you had a lovely and peaceful one (or a bonkers and raucous one, if that’s more your thing?). I’m just popping in with a quick ‘Hello!’ and a little look back at last month before I dive back into work properly next week.

There was a fully festive start to our December with the arrival of our Christmas Tree from the Christmas Forest. It’s the first year that we have had a real Christmas tree, and also the earliest we have ever decorated for Christmas (normally we hold off until the week before Christmas). 

Christmas Forest close up 1

I have to admit that I had big concerns about the trees ability to retain its needles for more than a couple of weeks – I was expecting to wake up on Christmas morning to find the presents dotted around the bare skeleton of the tree. But I needn’t have worried as five weeks later the tree was still going strong with hardly any needles dropped. It’s totally changed my opinion on having a real tree, and I’m hoping that we will have a proper tree in the living room every Christmas from now on.

Midway through December, we had a day of enjoying the Christmas Market in Norwich, where we bought some personalised Christmas stocking for the kids. Our day in Norwich also finally gave me the chance to see the Tunnel of Light. I think this is the third or fourth year that the Tunnel has been in the city, but it’s the first chance I have had to see it. It was pretty spectacular.

Looking back at december - tunnel of light

Then after a mad week of school plays, Christmas carol concerts and helping out at the school Christmas Fayre it was time to stop and turn on my out of office for Christmas. Rob was off work from the 21st until today, so it was lovely for us all to spend a good chunk of time together.

We had no plans for the Christmas week, aside from family visiting on the 27th. Having no plans turned out to be a blessing in disguise as G woke covered in Chicken Pox spots just after Christmas, so we have had a bit of an enforced quarantine situation going on.

The week between Christmas and New Year was fabulously blurry, and I was never quite sure what day it actually was. We survived on a diet of cold cuts, buffet food and chocolate selection boxes. 

The most strenuous thing I did during that week was put up our new house sign. And when I say strenuous I mean I watched as my Father in Law did all the hard work. The house sign is gorgeous – I’ve been meaning to get one for the longest time as delivery drivers are forever grumbling about not being able to tell what number our house is. So when UK Sign Shop reached out a few weeks ago and asked if I would like to choose a sign from their extensive selection I immediately said yes!

Looking back at December - House sign from UK Sign Shop

Picking the perfect sign couldn’t be easier as you have the option to see a mock-up of how the finished product will look. After ‘umming and ahhing’ for about an hour I finally chose the Prestige Floral Slate option, and I’m so pleased that I did as it looks lovely on our garage wall.  

So, that was our December. The quiet days over Christmas were very much needed, and I’m heading into the New Year feeling refreshed and positive. I will be back to this blog properly from next week, with a competition lined up for Pushing the Moon’s 4th birthday. If you are a fan of bullet journaling or just a stationery fan in general then keep an eye out for that. 

Happy New Year! 

Disclosure: AD-GIFTED. UK Sign Shop very kindly sent a house sign to be featured in this post, however, as always, all words, images and opinions are my own.

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