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Let there be light – A new lamp for the home office

I have been lucky enough to work from home for the last five years, but because I did not have a home office to call my own let’s just say my working environment left a lot to be desired.

More often than not I would be found working in the utility room with my laptop balanced precariously between a pile of clean washing to the left of me and a bigger pile of dirty washing to the right of me. It wasn’t pleasant but having a grabby three-year-old in the house meant that I needed to keep the laptop out of reach. 

After a while, I decided I needed to reclaim the utility room and use it for it’s intended purpose, which of course meant I was without a workspace again. But not for long as, some of you may recall, I was challenged to make something useful out of wooden floorboards. That’s when the idea for a desk started to take shape, and a few days later I finally had an area that I could finally call my own. My home office. 

Six months on and my little home office area is still my favourite space in the house. It has made such a difference to my working mentality. I work at my desk two full days a week while the kiddies are at school and nursery, and I am so much more productive than I ever was leaning up against the worktop in the utility room! 

I am lucky that where the desk is located it benefits from masses of natural light – it’s in the sunniest room in the house after all! But as we all know, the UK isn’t known for it’s guaranteed wall to wall sunshine, so having some form of additional lighting was an essential. 


One thing about my new desk is that it’s quite slim, designed that way to ensure it fitted well into the alcove in our bedroom so I didn’t really want to be taking up too much space with a chunky lamp. I’m quite fond of the Anglepoise and bankers lamp style of light, I like that they are very functional pieces yet very stylish to boot. 


After spending what seemed like an eternity trying to choose the right one in the end I chose this Anglepoise style Antique brass desk lamp from Litecraft. The brushed brass finish suits the style of the room, and desk area, perfectly and its tilt & swivel lamp and adjustable arm are easy to manoeuvre yet sturdy once set in place. 


I am so happy with how the lamp looks – it’s both practical and stylish – and how it doesn’t take up masses of room on such a narrow desk area. I am also really pleased with how my home office area is coming along – it’s almost how I want it to be, but not quite. Looking at these photos has reminded me that I must buy a couple of prints etc to brighten up the dull magnolia wall behind and my next big purchase has to be a more suitable office chair. But, for now, I am happy with how it all looks and always look forward to heading to my little home office whenever I have some work to do.

Litecraft kindly provided me with a lamp of my choosing for the purpose of this post but, as ever, all thoughts and words are my own. 




  1. 17th March 2017 / 5:42 pm

    Lovely Catherine. Decent lighting makes such a difference and especially when working at the computer it is best to have the place well lit.

    • Catherine
      29th March 2017 / 9:54 pm

      Thanks! It’s such a lovely lamp! xxx

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