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It is happening again…


This first post has taken me days to write in my head, and now I have the laptop switched on I have spent the best part of the last hour trying to pluck up the guts to actually type – God knows just how long it will take me to hit the ‘publish’ button!

I’m Catherine. About 3 years ago I had another blog, which very few people read if I’m honest, but I enjoyed rambling on there about my life as a new mum to my son M, my inability to keep a tidy house, my love for all things food related, my upcoming wedding to my now husband, and any other gubbins that I felt like writing about.

Then I fell pregnant with my daughter, G, and aside from a nasty bout of SPD in the last two months and extreme tiredness everything was good, and  I was super excited, although somewhat daunted at the thought of being mum to two under two. Then after a blissful couple of weeks the PND came, along with G suffering horribly from Colic, causing her to scream constantly no matter what we tried to do to help her. Then our next door neighbour started being verbally abusive because of G’s constant screams, and intimidating me and the kids during the day when he knew my husband was at work. The whole situation was truly horrible and we no longer felt comfortable staying in our home despite our neighbour being warned by the police. And, to be honest, at that point the last thing on my mind was a blog. So one day I pressed the ‘delete’ button on Blogger and ‘Notes from the Cliff Edge’ disappeared for ever (although there is probably a cached version out there somewhere).

Although I think that deleting the blog was the best thing for me at the time there is a part of me that regrets it. I was just starting to, hopefully, forge friendships with a few people who I had met through the blogging community but when I stopped blogging I stopped communicating with people entirely, online and in real life – and that is something I wish hadn’t happened.

Fast-forward just over a year and a bit and I feel much better. We moved house on the day before our 1st wedding anniversary – a house we absolutely adore and never want to leave. G’s colic stopped by 5 months, and she is becoming such an amazing little girl (although she has a wicked temper at times), and M is a fantastic big brother to her. We all feel settled in the life we have, at last. And over the last couple of months I started to think about starting my blog again – so, here I am, rambling as usual.

I don’t know what this blog will be about or become at the moment, I just know I enjoyed writing ‘Notes from the Cliff Edge’ and I hope I will enjoy writing this one too – actually, I know I will.



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