Grey and white furniture

How to Make Grey Décor Exciting

Grey is here to stay. While the last few years have seen the neutral tone take centre stage around the home, 2019 sees these cool hues paired with natural tones to warm it up and complement the bold colour palettes that are dominating home interiors this year.

If you want some inspiration to rock grey in your home, here are some ideas to help you get creative and embrace the coolest colour of them all.

Grey and white furniture

Pair it Up

In 2019, boho is back in a big way. If you love your grey walls, keep them as they are and let the furniture do the talking. Grey is a colour that goes with everything, so by leaving your muted stony hues as a base, you can allow mint-coloured tasselled chairs and retro curved wood sideboards to stand out.  

Similarly, opulence is a home interiors trend that is set to be making waves this year. If you have grey walls or want to invest in grey accessories, you can team these with the deep golds and rich velvet materials that are set to be everywhere soon.


As well as beautifully complementing many colours and styles, grey is also a cool colour that can bring everything together. If you have bold colours in your home and want to offset these with some neutral tones, investing in grey accents, such as a charcoal-coloured rug, dove grey scatter cushions or perhaps some steel curtains, such as these from Direct Blinds, can ground the palette.

Find Your Balance

According to colour psychology, grey is linked with peace and balance. Therefore, by carefully planning out where you would like to promote a sense of calm around the home, you can use this colour to its full potential. On this note, bedrooms and bathrooms are spaces that are particularly suited to greys.

However, grey comes in many forms. It can be a dark, almost black colour or a light, silvery hue. It can have some purple in it, giving it a warm tone or a hint of blue, giving it a serene quality. The shade of grey you opt for can dictate the room you want it to be included in and a mauve-grey may be too stimulating for a bedroom but perfect for the lounge.  

Whichever shade you choose, you’re sure to find the one that suits your mood. Whether you plan on channelling some of the latest trends this year or you’d like to add grey accents against a bold backdrop, there are plenty of ways to make this colour exciting and versatile.

Do you like grey in the home? What shade will you choose?

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