Home Comforts or a Wild Night Out – What Would you Choose?

Home Comforts or a Wild Night Out – What Would you Choose?

So, here we are, it’s May. We should be just getting into BBQ and Beer Garden season but instead I’m looking at rain lashing against my windows. I’m also contemplating putting the heating on which if you know me is unheard off. I am that person that turns the heating off in February, refuses to put it back on until November and tells everyone who says they are cold to put a jumper on. It’s feeling more like Autumn than early summer. And I’m not liking it one little bit. The only saving grace is that I get to enjoy my home comforts and all things Hygge for a bit longer, such as curling up on the sofa under a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate. 

But in saying all that, I don’t actually get out and about that much. Especially now that I’m a parent. And it’s not that having kids is stopping me from going out, far from it actually! It’s more that I don’t really feel the need to do so anymore. Gone are the days of falling out of a club at 2am and trying to soak up the excessive alcohol consumption with a large donner kebab (Stay classy, Catherine, stay classy). 

That’s not to say that when I do go out I don’t enjoy it, or let my hair down because I do – I really do. I’m meeting up with my best friends in a couple of weeks and I am fully expecting to feel like hell on earth the following morning. Not that feeling like hell on earth is an indicator of a good night out – it’s not. We only manage to match our calendars up two or three times a year so when we do meet up we really make the most of it. But now when given the option of a night on the tiles or staying at home that night out has to be pretty damn special to drag me away from my home comforts. 

Chill Insurance have just released this video – #CountOnChill – that asks what type of person are you? Are you someone who likes to go out, meet new people, and enjoys the vibrant atmosphere of clubs and bars? Or maybe you are more of a homebody, like me, who loves to spend time with family and friends at home? Chill are also highlighting the importance of home insurance and how having it can help protect you from incurring huge costs should anything unforeseen happen. Trust me when I say I know about unforeseen costs all too well having had an uninsured drunk driver crash their car into our house a couple of years ago!

So, what type of person are you – can Chill Insurance Count you in, or Count you out? Are you the life and soul of the party or someone who prefers their home comforts and all things Hygge? Why not let me know in the comments? 

Catherine xxx




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