Have a Stress Free Christmas with the HelloFresh Ultimate Christmas Dinner Guide

Christmas is supposed to be a time of love and happiness, of caring and sharing, of relaxing and enjoying a special day with loved ones.  Unless you are the one that has been tasked with cooking the Christmas dinner.

If you are the designated chef on Christmas Day then you will know that unless everything is planned with military precision the potential for stress hitting maximum levels is high. And no one wants to feel stressed on Christmas Day, do they?

And no one wants to feel like they are chained to the oven for the majority of the day either. 

Have a Stress Free Christmas with the HelloFresh Ultimate Christmas Dinner Guide

I’m the Christmas dinner maker in our house, and it’s a job I relish because cooking a roast is one of my favourite things to do. But Christmas dinner is more than just a roast, isn’t it? It’s the ultimate roast. The king of roasts. 

And with Christmas dinner comes great responsibility.

I am THAT person that starts planning Christmas dinner sometime in November, normally once I set up my Christmas bullet journal. And by the start of December, I pretty much know what I need to include in my Christmas food shop. But it’s not until a few days before Christmas that I sit down (normally with a snifter of festive sherry to hand) and jot down my Christmas dinner timings.

Because I know that if I don’t have Christmas dinner timed and planned out then I will most likely be weeping into my bucks fizz by 11am on Christmas day.

But this year those utterly lovely folks at HelloFresh have put together the Ultimate Christmas Dinner Guide – a countdown in pdf form to help you get through the day in a stress-free way. With information on what to prep in the days before, and then timings on the day to ensure dinner is on the table exactly when you want it.

It’s the perfect cheat sheet to have on hand no matter what your Christmas dinner skill level is. If you are a Christmas Dinner Padawan cooking a turkey for the first time then this cheatsheet is for you. If you are a full on Jedi Master when it comes to Christmas dinner then this cheat sheet is also for you. 

Have a Stress Free Christmas with the HelloFresh Ultimate Christmas Dinner Guide

In addition to being a helping hand when it comes to timings and prep, it also includes some fabulous recipes – I will definitely be trying the recipe for Braised Red Cabbage as it looks delicious!

If you would like to use the cheat sheet this Christmas then just pop over to the HelloFresh Blog and they will whizz it straight over to your inbox ready for you to download and print off.

I’ve already downloaded the Ultimate Christmas Dinner Guide ready to use and I know that it’s going to help keep my sanity intact on the big day! Merry Christmas!

Post written in collaboration with HelloFresh


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