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Happy Birthday BeWILDerwood – Now You Are Ten

I don’t often feature my kiddies on the blog anymore – they are both now getting to an age where 1) I don’t want to invade their right to privacy, and 2) any attempt I might make at taking a photo is more often than not met with a “Go away, Mum!” But then, once in a while, an opportunity arises that I know they will love and will, most likely, happily pose for photos. A bit like the opportunity that arose last week – an invite to BeWILDerwood to celebrate their Tenth birthday!

If you were to ask my two where their most favourite place in the entire world is they would say, without a shadow of a doubt, BeWILDerwood. We don’t get to go there too often, unfortunately, even though it is not much more than a five-minute drive from our house, but when we do then we really make the most of it. It is the best day out for kiddies (of all sizes and ages) in East Anglia in my opinion. 

The Boggle Village at BeWILDerwood

The Boggle Village

I wrote about BeWILDerwood a couple of years ago – you can read the review here. At the time M was Four and G had just turned Two, so she was a little too small to join in with all the fun on the slides and treehouses (although she had a whale of a time in the specially designated baby and toddler areas). But having recently turned Four she was very excited this time to be able to do all the fun things her big brother could do.

 beWILDerwood wobbly bridge

We spent several hours climbing up into the treehouses, clambering over the ‘broken bridge’ and whooshing down the ‘slippery slopes’ – it was here that I realised that my kids are (worryingly) fearless as both of them went down the two scariest slides. I just looked at them and thought “Nope! Not for me, thank you very much!”

Whenever we have been in the past we always took a picnic with us – there are plenty of places to sit down and eat across the site – but this time we decided to grab lunch at the Munch Bar. The kiddies each chose one of the ‘lunch box options’ at £4.95 each. I’ve always been a bit dubious about these lunch box deals whenever we have been to places such as the National Trust and always felt they were a bit of a rip-off but this isn’t the case with BeWILDerwood at all. The lunch boxes are jam packed with a roll, a carton of juice, cheese, fruit, biscuits, Pom Bear crisps – so much food, and such good value for money!

house at base of tree - BeWILDerwood

The rest of the day was a blur of climbing, clambering, whizzing and sliding until about 3:30 pm when it was obvious that G was starting to flag – and to be honest so were us adults! I think M would have stayed all night if he had his way. In fact, I think that was possibly his plan when he decided to do a disappearing act whilst we were navigating our way around the Sky Maze. That was a real heart in throat moment, let me tell you! 

On-swing BeWILDerwood

Little-Houses-in-trees BeWILDerwood

We took a leisurely boat journey across the Scaaaary Lake and past Mildred the Crocklebog (!) back to the main entrance where the kiddies saw Swampy and gave him a cuddle goodbye. A couple of minutes later we were in the car and about 30 seconds after that both kiddies were fast asleep through sheer exhaustion. It really was the best day out that we have had in such a long time. 

Swampy at BeWILDerwood

Swampy – Loves a cuddle!

When I’ve spoken to friends across the country about BeWILDerwood in the past they have all said how much they would love to take their children but it was just such a shame it is located so far away from them. Well, they need not be sad about it anymore as it was announced at the birthday party that planning permission had been granted for a new BeWILDerwood which will be located in South Cheshire on the Cholmondeley Castle Estate. Having looked at the plans for it I think it’s going to be amazing – somewhere children of all ages will love.


BeWILDerwood kindly invited us to their Tenth birthday party and gave us entrance tickets for the purpose of this review but, as always, all words, thoughts, and images are my own. 

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