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Game of Thrones is back with NOW TV

It’s no secret how much I love Game of Thrones. But it wasn’t always that way, oh no. The first time I watched it I was in labour with M and, well, maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. I was in my labour ‘zone’ and there, on the TV, was Peter Dinklage romping away, as he does. And don’t get me wrong, I love Peter Dinklage, but not while I’m breathing through a contraction. I think I made it half way through the first episode before I asked R to switch it off. R then asked me, mid contraction, what I thought of it and I think I uttered something like ‘it’s like Merlin, with tits.’

Fast forward four years later and I still hadn’t given Game of Thrones a second chance. But one-day last summer I announced to R, completely out of the blue: ‘Let’s give Game of Thrones a chance’ – and so we did. And for the next two months we binge watched every episode on NOW TV, and oh I really regretted not watching it sooner. We were hooked. We were completely and utterly invested in the fate of the characters (some more than others), and when season 5 ended it’s fair to say I felt emotionally drained. Jon Snow – need I say more?

The wait between season 5 and season 6 has been too long. I need to know, is he alive, or is he really dead? I’ve been avoiding all trailers and spoilers, if possible. But the wait is now over, because at 2am on April 25th the new series premiered on Sky Atlantic – simulcast with the US. But, however much I LOVE Game of Thrones, even I wasn’t crazy enough to stay up to watch it – oh, no! I have two small children; I need to grab ALL the sleep I can get! But, the good news was that it became available on catch up via NOW TV about an hour or so later, so *if* I had wanted to I could have maybe woken up an hour early and watched the first episode before the kiddies woke. I don’t think R would have particularly wanted to get out of bed an hour early just to watch it but, you know, the option was there. As it was we waited until the kiddies were in bed and then settled down to watch it via catch up on NOW TV which, of course, meant I had to stay away from ALL social media for the day to avoid spoilers. How I managed it, I’ll never know!

It’s the fact that I could, if I wanted, watch an episode of Game of Thrones on catch up just one hour after it aired on Sky Atlantic, that makes me love NOW TV so much. It’s such a versatile platform, be it for films, box sets or just catching up on your favourite series – it has something for everyone.

With the new series of Game of Thrones starting NOW TV are offering fans the chance to win a trip to Belfast, where the series is filmed. The lucky winner will get to see the Direwolves close up, take part in an archery experience, visit many of the location sets and much more. What a fantastic competition! All you have to do to take part is tweet @NOWTV using the hashtag #GoTFate – you will then be tweeted back with a video that is personalised to your Twitter profile picture which will reveal what your Game of Thrones fate would be. If you then choose to share your ‘fate’ across your social media accounts, your name will be put into a prize draw. Sounds fun, doesn’t it!

So while you are waiting patiently for the new series to start why not tweet @NOWTV to find out what your #GoTFate is – you never know, that simple tweet might take you all the way to Westeros.

Disclosure: I am a member of the NOW TV Blog Squad.

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