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Enjoy The Glitz & Glamour of The Oscars With Now TV

It’s that time of the year where the glitterati of the movie world descend upon downtown LA for the annual Academy Awards, or as it’s affectionately known, The Oscars. 

The pre-show part of the Oscars gets as much, if not more, attention than the awards ceremony itself as the stars from the world of movies and music make their way along the Red Carpet, to take their seats in the Dolby Theatre. It’s here that the world’s press wait, hoping for the chance of a 30 second conversation with one of the nominees, and the constant flash of cameras trying to get just the right photo of the starlet in her gown.

The words “So, who are you wearing tonight?” will be uttered a million times, and names like Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Dior, and Chanel will gain as much air-time and publicity as the nominees wearing the dresses.

In the UK it used to be that the only way you could watch the Oscars was if you had Sky TV, and a Sky Movies package. We are massive movie buffs in our house – we watch a film most nights – but for a very long time we just couldn’t justify the cost of a Sky Movies subscription. And that meant that I missed out on watching the highlight of the movie calendar – The Oscars.

But, all that has changed in the last couple of years, thanks to Now TV. The opportunity to watch The Oscars live (and on catch up if you feel you can’t stay up half the night!) comes as standard with their monthly Now TV Sky Movies pass. This was a revelation for me!

So, tonight I will be grabbing a big bowl of popcorn, and maybe a glass of fizz too, and making myself comfy of the sofa to settle down and watch the 88th Academy Awards. I may only make it through the Red Carpet before I have to head off to bed, but I don’t mind as I know I can watch it all again on catch up  whenever I want to. 

And so could you! Now TV are currently offering a 14 day free trial of their Sky Movies pass. It’s easy to set up – you can link the subscription to up to four devices – and easy to use. There are no contracts, so you can cancel at anytime should you wish to. When I first signed up to Now TV a few years ago I will admit that I did so purely for the free trial so I could watch the Oscars, but as soon as we saw the vast range of films available to watch we decided to continue with the monthly pass.

And we have not regretted it once.

We have used all of the other well-known streaming services, but Now TV is our go to service – the first one we head to when we want to watch a film, as we know that we will always find something good to watch. 

So, why not grab yourself a Now TV Sky Movies pass, get your glad rags on (or your PJ’s), and enjoy the glamour of the Oscars in the comfort of your own home tonight. I know I will be doing just that! xxx


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I am a member of the Now TV Blog Squad and have been given a subscription to their services in exchange for the content I provide for them. However, I have been subscribing to their movies and entertainment passes long before I became a member of the Blog Squad, as I really do think it is the best streaming service available. 



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