How To Dress Tricky Windows

How To Dress Tricky Windows


As a country we spend a lot of money on decorating our homes. A recent survey revealed that Londoners spend the most money on decorating their homes every year, which is no surprise when they pay the most to own or rent property within the heart of the country. The survey also revealed that most homes spent at least £500 pounds over the year on interior design, with the biggest spenders in London spending over £5,000 pounds every single year on keeping their home looking beautiful.


One area of interior design that takes a lot of consideration is windows and glass feature doors. They are notoriously tricky to dress if they aren’t standard windows, and so can take a lot more time and money to dress well. Being such an eye catching and important part of any room, if glass windows or doors aren’t dressed well, they can bring down the aesthetics of the entire room.


If you’re struggling with this aspect of interior design, read on because we’re going to look at the trickiest windows and doors to dress and help you make them look absolutely stunning:

A Bay Window

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Gorgeous bay windows are a much sought-after feature but they can be difficult to dress. In some instances, it is completely justifiable to leave the windows without any dressing at all, particularly if the angles of the bay are strong, or unique and the entire bay itself is a feature.


If you do want to dress the window, and privacy is a priority, then shutters painted the same colour as the window surrounds will look beautiful but allow the window to take centre stage. You could always only shutter the bottom half of the window for a different effect, and consider some roman shades if you want more control over the light and who can see in.


Stationary romans for the whole window will work well, and operable windows are a good choice for more control over privacy. Operable romans can be tricky to get right so make sure you use a good design company.


If you want a lighter more ‘beachy’ look then woven wood, or any natural material shade will work well against the window. For the most opulent, classic look then traversing draperies are the choice for you. Neutral shades work with most looks, or opt for a textured, embossed style for more of a statement look.

The Kitchen Windows

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Kitchen windows are often forgotten about when it comes to interior design because there’s the entire kitchen to think about. However, they should get at least some of the attention because the window can be a beautiful focal point for the room.


Blinds are an excellent choice for a kitchen window because they are low maintenance, available to suit every budget and there are many colours and styles to choose from. Neutral blinds are practical and timeless, or a bright print brings playfulness to the aesthetic. If you are choosing a blind for your kitchen you do have to be careful about the material you choose as there is a lot of moisture in this environment. If you aren’t careful your blind could gather black mould and rot. Look for wipe clean, waterproof material.

Bifold Doors/ Patio Doors

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Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

Bifold doors are a stunning addition to any room, and external bifold doors particularly are an amazing way to bring light and openness to a room, connect the outdoors to the indoors, and to provide easy access into the outdoor space. When it comes to dressing bifold doors the main choice is either blinds or curtains. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.


If you like to ensure you can darken your room whenever you want then curtains are a good choice for you. Thick curtains will also aid the insulation of your bifold doors. The main issue you will have is that the curtains are heavy and require a heavy duty deeply set curtain pole. So there has to be enough space between the top of the door and the ceiling to fit the pole, and a strong enough base for the pole to attach to. Lighter fabric curtains will make this task easier but you should try and ensure the curtain pole is as sturdy as possible.


Blinds don’t tend to sag, are generally lighter and more functional than curtains, and they can be operated via a remote making them super practical. You could opt for roman blinds which collect at the top of the door, or roller blinds which roll into a cylinder. Vertical panel blinds are another good choice, coming in from either end of the door, but they aren’t as aesthetically pleasing so should be considered carefully.


When it comes to choosing between the two options, you should always put the practicalities first and then look at pattern and colour when you have made your choice because there are equal amounts of options with both.

Wide Windows

Wide windows are becoming more and more popular in modern homes as minimalism and utilising natural light are key elements of modern interior design. Who doesn’t want great views of the outdoors?


If you are lucky enough to have a home with a wide window then the only hurdle you have to cross is how to dress it so that you aren’t constantly living in a goldfish bowl like home. The choice of privacy should be yours as a homeowner. You may well need to get customised curtains or blinds for your wide window and both offer a lot of great possibilities.


With curtains you need to ensure they do not obscure the view in any way when they are opened. The design can be neutral, but with a wide window room, you could probably play with bold print a bit more as it won’t take away from the wow factor of the views. You don’t just have to have a pair of curtains either, you could have layered multiple curtains providing a textured effect and options for changing the way the light comes in. Using blinds alone on wide windows may be a little bare looking. Combining windows and blinds provides extra privacy options and fills up the space in a way that is layered and aesthetically pleasing.

Photo by Roman Mager on Unsplash

Now you know how many options you have for dressing your tricky windows, you’ve every reason to master this important part of interior design. Your windows and glass doors provide you with light and a connection to the outside world, and with the right accessories, they can be a stunning and welcoming focal point within any room.


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