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Don’t Move, Improve! Ideas For Adding Value To Your Home

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With the housing market a little unsure at the moment, it means that more and more people are staying put. Gone are the days of moving ‘just because’, and staying where they are and looking to add value is rising and rising in popularity. Any planning permission section of your local council’s website will tell you just how popular improving has become, rather than just moving.


So if this sounds like you, and moving house isn’t going to really be an option for a while, then what are the best ways to add value to your home? You want to choose the things that are going to be able to help you to add value to your home and not lose you any money. Take something like getting a driveway done or sprucing up the patio or garden. These things are going to be the thing that could help tick the box for a seller. But according to estate agents, they aren’t the thing that will help you to actually add value. So if you’re deciding between refitting the kitchen or getting the driveway done, then the former may be the best option out of the two.



Adding extra rooms to the home is always going to be a sure fire way to add value to your home. So a good way to add value could be to convert any loft space you have into a bedroom or office space. If you have room, then creating two rooms could be even better, especially if one is a bathroom. It can cost around £20,000 to create a loft conversion. But in reality, it can add more than double that in value. So if you’re looking for more space, want to get your money back when you eventually do move, and want to add value to your property, then a loft conversion is a great idea.


If your budget is slightly smaller, then something like a conservatory or an orangery is going to be a good idea. Again, it is creating an extra room, but often it costs less to do so than with a loft conversion. It can be great if you want space for a play room or dining room, or just want another room so that you can add value. A conservatory, or looking st orangeries by Visual, for example, can cost anything from £5,000 up to £30,000. The good news is that they can add around 7% to the value of your home. So they are a good option to be looking at if you’re not ready to move but need some extra space.


Garages can be useful for storage. But there are very few Brits that use it as a place to store their car. In fact, over 90% of British garages don’t have a car being stored in them. So if you’re part of that statistic, then it is just a wasted space. You can still create storage, as well as creating a viable living space. It can cost under £10,000 to convert a garage into a living room but you can easily get your money back as it is making the space into an extra room in the house that people do pay for.


this is a collaborative post

this is a collaborative post

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