Christmas Planning – Choosing a Special Gift to Spark an Interest

Much to my husband’s bemusement, I am in full on Christmas planning mode. It may still be October but this week has seen me making lists and plans in preparation for the upcoming festive season. I’ve even ordered and arranged a delivery date for our Christmas tree! One thing I haven’t done yet though is to buy any gifts. But, I have a good idea of what friends and family will be getting – including a special gift for our children.

Christmas Planning - Choosing a Special Gift to Spark an Interest - Christmas gifts under a tree

When I was a child I remember one Christmas receiving an envelope from my grandparents. Inside the envelope was an embossed piece of card and mounted on the card was a beautiful coin to commemorate the wedding earlier that year of Princes Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. 

I felt like I had received treasure, and I kept it, safely hidden away, in a box in my bedroom. Receiving this special gift from my grandparents sparked an interest in coin collecting that lasted several years. And I realised a few weeks ago that my children haven’t ever received a gift that could start an interest in collecting something.

Obviously, like most children recently, their life has been all about collecting Lego cards but that has come to an end now. My son in particular collected those cards with a lot of enthusiasm, so I think he will be the one most likely to enjoy a new collecting hobby.

And I think, much like I did when I was a child, he would enjoy a coin collection. There have been some really lovely commemorative coins released over the last year or so – some perfectly aimed for children starting a collection (Winnie the Pooh, and Beatrix Potter characters have both been the subject of commemorative collections recently).

Christmas Planning - Choosing a Special Gift to Spark an Interest - small Christmas toys

I think for this Christmas, however, I would like to buy him a festive themed commemorative coin. This website has a wonderful selection of coins with a Christmas theme, including a Disney ‘Season’s Greetings’ coin which would make a perfect first coin for a children’s collection. 

I’m really looking forward to this Christmas as both children still firmly believe in the magic of the season, and I hope that receiving a special gift such as a commemorative coin will make their memories of this season of their life all the more special. And hopefully, it will also give them a new hobby to enjoy for years to come.


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