Choosing a New Lamp for the Living Room
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Choosing a New Lamp for the Living Room {AD}

I can’t believe it’s been almost Seven months since our sofas were delivered. When they arrived I wrote about how it gave me the push to get rid of some of our old and battered living room furniture, the hand me downs that once were a godsend but had now outstayed their welcome. 

We were given a bigger television around that time too so we purchased a new TV unit for it, and I had plans to buy a few additional bits and pieces for the room. But then Christmas happened, and of course I’m the worlds greatest procrastinator so here we are several months later and the living room hasn’t changed much at all in that time.

I’m keen to buy a small sideboard or console table to go along one wall, but the one thing the living room is missing and is in desperate need of is some lighting in the form of table lamps or floor lamps. I like the living room to feel cosy in the evening but as our main lights don’t have a dimmer switch the room doesn’t ever achieve that Hyyge-ness that is still an interiors buzzword.

Despite the fact that we live in a 170-year-old cottage in rural Norfolk I’m not overly inclined to go for a traditional country cottage style (however much my teen self promised that when I when I grew up and did propper adult things I would buy a Tiffany style lamp for my living room).

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been looking for living room lighting and find that I keep coming back to the contemporary lighting options from Utility Design.

I feel that in addition to two or three small to medium sized table lamps our living room could possibly also accommodate a floor lamp too without it being lighting overkill. 

Choosing a New Lamp for the Living Room - Muuto PULL Lamp

This Muuto Pull Floor Lamp would be the perfectly sized option for the corner of the living room behind the two sofas and would suit the aesthetics of the room very well indeed.

Now that it’s coming up to summer I doubt we will need the lamps too much, but with Autumn (yes, I said it!) and cooler evenings just a few months away I really must not procrastinate any further, and actually go and buy a lamp or two!


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