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Chiquito on Norwich Riverside – Review {AD-Gifted}

This past weekend we were invited to try out the new menu at Chiquito on Norwich Riverside. When the opportunity came through I immediately jumped at the chance. You see, in,  a slightly roundabout way, the Norwich branch of Chiquito is actually quite dear to us. 

On December 30th 2010 late in the afternoon, a young couple walked in looking for a bite to eat. While both of them looked elated, one of them was also feeling incredibly queasy. The queasy one was me and we had just come from the hospital where we had been for our first pregnancy scan. 

We were directed to a booth where we marvelled over the two grainy ultrasound images we had been given, at a foetus that, bizarrely, looked incredibly liked Homer Simpson in profile. Our waitress that day was wonderful, she cooeed and aaahed over the ultrasound along with us, and when she saw that I wasn’t exactly feeling tiptop she brought over a glass of iced water with lemon in the hope it might make me feel better. It did. 

We spent a lovely hour there that day and I indulged in some Churros with a chocolate dipping sauce, which I’m sure the little life in my belly found heavenly and it’s probably where he acquired his love of doughnuts from.

When we left to go home we said that we must absolutely make a point of going back to Chiquitos on Norwich Riverside again as soon as possible.

Fast forward Seven years later and we finally did it. We finally made it back to Chiquito on Norwich Riverside. And this time the kids came along too!

Chiquito is such a lovely and welcoming restaurant. When we arrived our table was set up with 4 sombreros, some comedy moustaches for the kids to play with and a bowl of tortilla chips to munch on while we decided on what to order. 

The menu at Chiquito is very good – if I could I would have ordered everything just to try it all (greedy person alert!). But, alas, we were sensible and chose some Salsa & Guacamole Nachos, and Hot Habanero Chicken Wings. I ordered the nachos because I thought there would be no way my two fusspots would even try the Hot Habanero Chicken Wings but, much to my surprise, they absolutely loved them!

The children’s menu at Chiquito was perfect for my two – and really good value for money too. For just £4.95 they could have a main, a side, a dessert and drink. For older kids, there is the Young Adult option which contains more of the Mexican meal options that are also available on the main menu.

Rob and I were excited to try something from the main menu – I was particularly keen to choose a dish from Chiquito’s new ‘Build Your Own Tortilla’ option where you can choose from four tortilla options (Chimichanga, Tacos, Enchilada, and Burrito), five filling options, and four sauces. I opted for the burrito with chicken and mild sauce, and it was so delicious! I was in burrito heaven for sure.

Rob ordered the classic chicken fajita and was presented with a giant sizzling skillet of chicken smothered in a hot habanero sauce, three warmed tortillas, sour cream, salsa, guacamole, and cheese. For £11.95 it was full of flavour and exceptionally good value for money.

While the children chose jelly for their pudding and Rob chose ice cream, I just had to indulge in a pot of churros and chocolate sauce (It had to be done!). And. They. Were. Absolute. Heaven.  I could have eaten a million of them quite easily!

One of my pet peeves about chain restaurants is how it often feels as if they trying to rush you through your meal so that they can clear the table for the next customer. At no point during our time at Chiquito on Norwich Riverside did we feel rushed at all, in fact, we were in the restaurant for over two hours!

It was so nice to spend a lovely relaxed afternoon eating good food with the people I love – especially as we had just come out of what felt like never-ending weeks of anxiety, bugs and rotten colds and ‘beasties from the easties.’ 

Chiquito on Norwich Riverside has become a new family favourite, and we will definitely be heading back to try some of the other menu options very soon.


Disclaimer: We were invited to try out Chiquito’s menu in exchange for this review but, as ever, all words and opinions are my own. 



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