Capturing Holiday Memories in a Photograph

Capturing Holiday Memories in a Photograph

I found some photos the other day while scrolling through my phone gallery. They were from last years holiday to Center Parcs. It was our first holiday in over two years and very much needed. We turned off our phones, unplugged all our devices and had a week long digital detox – and we came home at the end of the week feeling refreshed and relaxed. 

Even though I only took a handful of photos on that holiday they are some of my favourites that I have ever taken. They were taken on our last evening there, we had just picked the kids up from a ‘pyjama party’ and we took a final stroll to the ‘beach’ before heading back to our lodge. 

We had had a few stressful weeks in the run up to the holiday and when we arrived it would be fair to say we looked exhausted and haggard (me especially). But five days away from our normal lives had some sort of wondrous effect on us because the people you see in these photos look so far removed from the ones that arrived a few days earlier.

When I look at me in the photos taken that night I see a woman who has regained that glint in her eye, who’s skin is no longer pallid or looks as if she’s carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. I see a husband who looks relaxed for the first time in months, and I see two children enjoying their parent’s undivided attention… and, of course, enjoying an ice cream too!


I am wondering now why these photos, some of my most favourite ones of us as a family, have been kept in a file on my phone, why I haven’t had them printed in a photobook or looked into personalised photo canvas printing with a company like Truprint who are firm believers in capturing #HolidayMoments. These are photos that deserve to be on display in our home as they are a reminder of a wonderfully happy week.

I have so many photos taken over the years that currently sit wallowing in a file on a hard drive and it seems such a waste. I think I am going to spend the next few days going through them all and order some prints and photobooks – I may even finally get around to putting together the staircase gallery wall I’ve been saying I’ll do for the last Five years! 

Do you print off your family photos, or are you like me and leave them languishing on a hard drive? Let me know in the comments below.

Catherine x

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  1. 22nd June 2017 / 2:00 pm

    Aaah this is such a lovely post Cat!! And YES! We make photobooks with some of our faves — we’re building up quite a library of them — even though we don;t look at them that often, it’s so nice seeing them in print rather than on a screen 🙂

    • Catherine
      24th June 2017 / 7:53 am

      Thanks so much Caro! I will definitely be making some photobooks this weekend! x

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