Buying Cheap Wood Flooring Doesn’t Have to Mean Sacrificing on Quality

Buying Cheap Wood Flooring Doesn’t Have to Mean Sacrificing on Quality

Today I am pleased to feature a guest post from Direct Wood Flooring:

When it comes to purchasing wood flooring, there’s no denying we all love a bargain. Whether you go for solid wood, engineered wood, laminate or LVT, we all want to feel we’ve got good value for our money. Some of us spend hours scouring the internet for cost comparison or discount sites in pursuit for the best deal but what if there’s a flooring retailer who pass on huge savings to their customers every time. Direct Wood Flooring pride themselves on delivering high quality flooring ranges at incredibly low prices. So much so, they claim their prices are the lowest on the market:


“If we find the same product cheaper on another site, we’ll match the price and knock off a further 10%.”


The price promise includes reputable branded flooring such as Balterio, Krono and Barlinek. Bringing you cheap wood flooring without sacrificing quality.   

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So how do they provide premium flooring at such low prices?

Direct Wood Flooring has more than 200,000ft² of warehousing space, providing the facilities to hold huge levels of stock. This enables them to buy in bulk and pass on great cost savings to their customers. Compared to hardware giants such as B&Q, Homebase, and Wickes their competitive pricing is streets ahead for like-for-like quality flooring. They even rival the top internet brands too!

Cheap wood flooring doesn’t have to mean cheap quality flooring.

When it comes to cheap wood flooring, we champion the retailers who recognise shopping on a budget doesn’t mean low-quality goods. Whilst saving money is high on the priority list, we’re not willing jeopardise the quality – It’s all about the value in the flooring.

  • Longer warranties and a robust construction increase the longevity of your flooring.
  • Investing in a good quality underlay and preparing your subfloor accordingly will help with performance.
  • Protective finishes preserve the original look and feel for longer.

Covering all the basics will help you get the most from your wood flooring both now and in the future.


Be wise with your finish and save on repair costs.

Lacquered flooring consists of a robust lacquer layer which effectively sits on top of your flooring to protect it from everyday wear and tear; perfect for high traffic areas. Oiled flooring is more efficient with scratches as they show less readily than lacquered, making perfect sense for animal lovers.  Getting the right finish for your needs will help you avoid those costly repairs or replacements.

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Choose the right wood flooring for your budget!

Solid Wood Flooring

Whilst one of the most expensive ranges, solid wood flooring stands the test of time as the planks can be re-sanded to restore them back to their former beauty. This luxury flooring range can literally last a lifetime if you look after it properly. We don’t mean wrap it in bubble wrap, the flooring is more than capable of withstanding the pressures of a busy family home however regular maintenance will preserve the wood for longer. Seen as a long-term investment, solid wood flooring is known to add value to your property too.


Engineered Wood Flooring

As a slightly cheaper range, engineered wood and is less susceptible to the effects of moisture and heat compared to solid. The planks are manufactured with multiple softwood layers and finished with a solid veneer. Compatible with underfloor heating systems, engineered wood flooring mirrors the stunning aesthetics of solid wood whilst providing a practical solution for wood expansion.


Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is the cheapest wood flooring on the market. Renowned for the ability to imitate luxury flooring to an impeccable standard, laminate is also popular for the affordability and variation of design. Perfect for home projects, laminate can be self-installed to save on fitting costs too!

Whether you consider yourself an affluent or frugal buyer, we all want the best possible flooring our budget will allow. Picking up a bargain with cheap wood flooring is always an added bonus.


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