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Bullet Journal Set Up for 2018

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Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a lovely and peaceful Christmas. I have certainly relished spending time with my family this past week – it’s been so nice. It was also lovely to be able to spend a decent chunk of time setting up my new bullet journal for 2018. 

This year I have decided to move away from using a * Leuchtturm 1917 notebook as my bullet journal, and instead I am trying this beautiful *Nuuna OH YEAH notebook. There are a couple of reasons why I have moved away from the Leuchtturm – firstly, while I really liked my Leuchtturm notebook I wasn’t overly impressed with the level of ghosting I was getting on the pages, so I was keen to try a different notebook to see if it would be any better. And secondly, I was sent the Nuuna notebook several months ago for an Instagram campaign so it was just sitting in a cupboard crying out to be used.

The paper of the Nuuna notebook is divine – it’s so thick, and white too, which makes a pleasent change to creaminess of most other notebook brands, especially Leuchtturm. The Nuuna notebook is bigger than the A5 sized Leuchtturm, and has a smaller dot grid which is going to take me a little bit of time to get used to, I think. 

Here is how I have set up my Bullet Journal for 2018:

First up is my bullet journal for 2018 cover page. I really do not have an artistic bone in my body so this is about as pretty as it’s going to get, I think. One of my aims for this years bullet journal is to keep it as simple as possible (famous last words) – I’ve been fangirling over so many minimalist bullet journal accounts recently so I’ve defintely been inspired by them.

Bullet Journal set up for 2018 - front page


Bullet Journal set up for 2018 - Key

Index – the Nuuna notebook, unlike the Leuchtturm, doesn’t come with an index section already included (nor does it have an elastic binder or page markers, but that’s not something that really bothers me at the moment).

Bullet Journal set up for 2018 - Index

Future Log – because the Nuuna is so big in terms of size and amount of pages I’m pretty confident that it will last me an entire year. With that in mind I have added a full year in the future log, rather than just six months which is how I set it up in my last Leuchtturm.

BUllet Journal set up for 2018 -Future Log

Addresses and Year in Pixels: I am THAT person forever texting my Mother in Law asking for people’s addresses for birthday cards etc so this address page should come in useful. And, yes I spelt address wrong. Doh. 

Year in Pixels – this is my first time trying a year in pixels layout, I’ve always used a monthly mood mandala in the past. But, however much I love mood mandalas I think I only managed to complete a full design once last year. 

Bullet Journal set up for 2018 - Year in Pixels

Finances – I was surprised at how often I referred back to this spread in my last Bullet Journal, so it was a no brainer to migrate it over to the new one too.

Bullet Journal Set up for 2018 - Finances Spread

Savings and Weight Loss Tracker: I failed to lose any weight last year (had too much fun eating cheese and drinking nice wine), but I have recently joined the gym and am feeling far more determined to shed the weight this year. 

I migrated the savings tracker over again as, much like my finances tracker, I used it consistently last year. Not that I managed to actually save much.

Bullet Journal Set up for 2018 - Savings and Weightloss trackers

Personal Goals: A single page spread, split into 4 quarters, with a blank page to the side for notes and updates etc. I also have a page for Blog goals too.

Bullet Journal set up for 2018 - personal goals

Social Stats: Last year I flitted between noting my social stats weekly and monthly and as such don’t have a consistent idea of how I progressed (or failed). Admittedly, nothing about my social posting in 2017 was consistent as I fell out of love with social media, and specifically Instagram, for quite a while. 

Reading Challenge: The upside to my falling out of love with social media last year is that I found myself doing a very strange thing… I picked up, and read, an actual book. Not just one book…. six in fact! And I loved it. I used to be a voracious reader but then… kids, which meant my reading over the last six years has basically been a steady rotation of Goodnight Moon, Fox in Socks, Stick Man and The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas. My aim for this year is to read at least Twelve books – I have the Harry Potter series to finish first and then I’m going to enjoy a long stroll around Waterstones one day and pick up a selection to read over the coming months. I’m always keen for any reccomendations, so please do let me know if you there are any books you think I absolutely MUST read this year!

Bullet Journal set up for 2018 - Social Stats and reading list

Cleaning Schedule – possibly a pointless spread but, you know, hope springs eternal and all that jazz.

Bullet Journal set up for 2018 - Cleaning List and January front page

January Calendar: And we have made it to the first monthly spread of the year – the January overview calendar. I tried on several occasions last year to use a calendar in list form but I always found myself coming back to this, more visual, version. 

Bullet Journal Set up for 2018 - January Calendar

Habit Tracker: I love my habit tracker, I love that there are so many things that you can track. This year there is one habit that I will not be tracking, one that I tracked consistently last year… smoking. I have now been nicotine free for one year, and I feel incredibly confident that I will never smoke again so It’s not a habit I feel I need to track any more.

Blog Post Schedule: A simple editorial schedule for the month ahead. It’s pretty rudimentary but I have plans for a dedicated blog / freelance work section, which I hope to work on this month.

Bullet Journal Set up for 2018 -Habit tracker and Blog post schedule

The first weekly spread of the year: Very simple, and column based. I swapped and changed up my weekly spread styles numerous times last year – and ditched them entirely in preference of daily spreads at one point, which is what I needed to do at that time – but this is one style I really like, that I haven’t used in quite a while. 

Bullet Journal Set up for 2018 - weekly spread

So there we have it – 2018, me, and my Bullet Journal, are ready for you! 


Are you using a Bullet Journal this year? What layouts do you like to use? I’d love to know!

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Bullet Journal Set Up for 2018 - Pin

This post contains affiliate links. For more information on how I use affiliate links please look at my disclosure page.

This post contains affiliate links - all affiliate links are marked with *. For more information on how I use affiliate links please look at my disclosure page.

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