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Bowling House, Norwich – Review {AD}

There are many things that I really enjoy but am absolutely crap at. Ten Pin Bowling is one of those things. When it comes to bowling I am definitely no King-Pin, no matter how much I think I may be. But I still love it. So when Bowling House reached out and asked if I would like to come along for an evening, of course, I said yes!

Bowling House Norwich Review

Bowling House is a new addition to the city, having opened just before Easter this year. Located just on the city walls edge of Dereham Road (so an easy stroll from the city centre) it isn’t like the bigger, more commercial bowling alleys. 

Because when you go to Bowling House you go for more than just the bowling. It’s the perfect place to go unwind after a day at work or to just cut loose at the weekend, somewhere you know you will be able to have good food, good drink, and a whole heap of fun. 

Bowling House Norwich Review

Our booking was for dinner then bowling which was the perfect option for us. While we contemplated our food order we chose our drinks. 

Both Rob and I have become big fans of Tom Collin’s cocktails recently so we were really keen to try out Bowling House’s Blackberry & Mint Collins. And, oh my, it did not disappoint. Tasting like the best blackberry jam in the world, It is one of the most moreish cocktails I’ve had. Definitely far too easy to drink, if you catch my drift.

Bowling House Norwich Review - Blackcurrant and Mint Collins

Bowling House Norwich Review - Pork Flatbreads

Not long after our food arrived. I chose the Filled & Grilled Pork Flatbread and Rob had the BoHo Stack Burger. 

Do you have that one dish that you always choose whenever you go to a new restaurant or bar? You know, that one dish that you have to judge the quality of the place? We do. For me, if there is steak on the menu then that’s what I will order. For Rob it’s burgers. 

I can’t count the number of times he has had a burger in a new restaurant and left feeling pretty disappointed – it’s fair to say the guy has high expectations when it comes to a burger.

Bowling House Norwich Review - BoHO Stack Burger

So how did the BoHo Stack rate on the Rob Burger Scale? 8 out of 10, apparently. And the only reason it didn’t score a 9 is that he would have liked a bigger one! But that’s not to say that the food at Bowling House isn’t filling, because it really is – it’s just that we are super greedy people when it comes to burgers!

Soon after eating we headed over to the bowling lanes for our games. The last time we went bowling was on my birthday and, it’s fair to say, we were terrible. Based on that I really didn’t hold out much hope that either of us would get a strike this time… and I was correct!

But, it didn’t matter at all, as I still did better than I normally do. The lanes at Bowling House are shorter than the average bowling alley, so I’m going to chalk my improved scores up to that. 

Because there’s as much emphasis on the dining element as on the bowling the whole atmosphere of Bowling House is incredibly relaxed and, unlike at other bowling alleys, we didn’t feel any pressure to speed through our games. 

Bowling House Norwich Review - Rob Bowling

Bowling House is the perfect place to go if you are looking for a fun, relaxed night out. It is, as you would expect from a bowling alley, a family-friendly environment, however, after 7pm it becomes an adult only venue. 

We will definitely head back to Bowling House soon – both with the kids during the day as I know they will love it, and also for another fun date night just Rob and I.

A big thank you to Bowling House for inviting us along for the evening. We were provided with our meals, and bowling for the purpose of this review, however, as always, all words, thoughts, and images are my own. 




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