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Boring Bedroom To Beautiful Boudoir In 3 Easy Steps

Your bedroom should provide a sanctuary to relax and recharge at the end of every day. Hectic and busy lives make it all the more important to have somewhere you feel calm and serene, and look forward to spending time regularly. However, often the bedroom can be last on your list of priorities when it comes to decorating and interior design. Downstairs living spaces, bathrooms, and kitchens are usually the room in a house or apartment that get the focus and attention first. But, people are missing a trick; creating a beautiful boudoir environment early will ensure that you’ll have a place to retreat, and it’s an interior that can be simple and affordable to transform. Making yourself a dreamy bedroom is also a great way to have an environment to call your own if you’re sharing accommodation with housemates or flatmates, for those evenings where you just want some peace and quiet, or a leisurely Sunday morning lie-in.


Fortunately, there are an array of things you can do to improve the space, and there’s something to suit every taste, lifestyle, and budget. Your bedroom can be improved, upgraded, and renovated so that you not only have a room to be proud of, but somewhere that will provide comfort, and you can get your rest and sleep each night. Stress and fatigue are commonplace, so having sumptuous surroundings to enjoy will help to alleviate these potential issues. The following are some interior design ideas, inspiration, and advice for those who want to give their bedroom space a boost, and are ready to create a beautiful boudoir, worthy of any interior blog or magazine.

Boring Bedroom To Beautiful Boudoir In 3 Easy Steps

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Fundamentals And Furniture


With any interior space; it’s always a smart idea to start with the essentials, especially large furniture items that will take up a significant amount of space. You can then work your interior magic around the style and size of your furniture, and the room will flow and function successfully. It’s worth looking into the best place to buy a bedroom set so that you know you have your bed, bedside table, wardrobe, and any other storage you’ll need set up. There are plenty of ways to grab yourself a great deal online, and as long as you have the bed and wardrobe in place; other furniture items can trickle in afterwards, and don’t need to match exactly. As long as there is a design element, era, style, or color that ties your bedroom furniture together; you’ll end up with a room that feels considered, and full of character.


Secondhand pieces and flea market finds can be spruced-up over a weekend with a fresh coat of paint and some new handles. So, if you love the shape a style of that mahogany dressing table you’ve seen in a charity store, but want it in a pink to match your Glossier collection; grab it, and upcycle. There are plenty of online tips and tutorials about bringing old furniture back to life, so find a straightforward one that works for you, grab yourself some coffee and a muffin (fuel), and utilize your Saturday to create your perfect piece. Once you’ve collected your furniture together, and it’s painted or built and ready to use, you’ll need to arrange it in the best way for the shape of your room. It might be the case that you don’t have very many options due to floor space. However, try and ensure that there’s plenty of room to move between the furniture, and you have somewhere to get dressed near to your closet, and you can pop a soft rug for your feet next to your bed (more on that later).

Boring Bedroom To Beautiful Boudoir In 3 Easy Steps

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The Soft Touches


As previously mentioned, your new boudoir should be a sumptuous place where you can put your mind at ease and rest your body. There’s no better way to ensure that you feel wrapped up in luxurious comfort than to add plenty of texture and soft furnishings. You still don’t need to spend a fortune; they’ll be an array of sheets, blankets, throws, and cushions available in stores and online that won’t break the bank. Simple, soft cotton additions will keep your sleeping space breathable and fresh; you can add deep filled pillows and a duvet for plenty of squishy comfort. Layer-up blankets and throws; different fabrics and colours will help to add depth and design details, and yoursleepy sanctuary will feel like a boutique hotel in no time.


Dressing your windows with blinds and sheer fabrics will allow you to adjust the natural light in the space, and will add a soft veil of texture and light; enhancing the boudoir style. Cushions covers can be changed affordably and with ease, and you can choose prints, patterns, and colours depending on your current taste or the season. Putting a faux fur or deep woven rug next to your bed is another simple, yet effective way to bring soft and comforting details into the room, and you’ll love stepping in and out of your bed each day. When it comes to the fabric and soft additions to your bedroom; the more, the merrier!Boring Bedroom To Beautiful Boudoir In 3 Easy Steps

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Colour And Light


You can add pops of colour through all those fabrics and soft furnishings that were just mentioned; however, your bedroom walls and ceiling should provide you with a feeling of being steady and calm. Whether you choose to freshen the space with a crisp white or off-white or feel like you want to rest within deep grey, blue, or teal surroundings; don’t over-clutter your large surfaces. Remember that you’ll still want to add plenty of personal touches and items to give your space character, so a plain coloured wall will help ensure that everything looks its best.


Give yourself options when it comes to light; floor and table lamps are a great way to adjust the light levels if you don’t have a dimmer switch, and you can make it as cosy or bright as you feel like. Putting your time and effort into your bedroom now will make sure that it becomes a space you love for the months even years ahead.


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