Blogs I Loved in March

Blogs I Loved in March

I thought I would kick off the new month with a bit of a look back at the blogs I loved in March. There were so many fabulous posts last month, but I’ve managed to narrow down my favourites:

First Up is Why is Being Positive so Tiring? by Mummy B – I found myself saying ‘yes, yes, absolutely!’ all the way through this post. Like Kay, I have endeavoured to live more positively over the last few months, and while it has made a huge difference to my state of mind, and anxiety, sometimes it is just so exhausting and I need to just say ‘F*** it’ and take a bit of time to wallow and switch off. Just an hour or so, then I get back on the positivity train.

Next up is Lizzie from Marmalade Pie who, rather greedily I think, will feature twice in this roundup! Her first post is Why I miss the baby bubble – reading it I started to feel nostalgic for a time I am still living through, but coming to the end off. So many times over the last six years I have found myself wishing the baby & toddler years away. But now that I find myself in the twilight of the baby bubble, with my last baby starting school in September, I am missing it already, but also looking forward to what the next stage of the parenting journey brings.

Fionnuala from Three Sons Later wrote about being Very Much A Mother – and how for a moment it felt like, after a few weeks where everything had gone perfectly, the universe was conspiring against her. The dishwasher broke, she received the dreaded ‘nit’ text message from school, and a million and one other things happened on top. She found herself yearning for just five minutes peace…. something I think we can all relate to!

My love of using a bullet journal is well known, so it wouldn’t be right to not have a bullet journal post included in this roundup. Jocelyn from The Reading Residence’s post Using a Bullet Journal for Gardening is fab, and includes some brilliant ideas for garden collections to go in the bujo.

Now back to Lizzie from Marmalade Pie again – this time with her 10 reasons why you should visit Ely market. I used to live in Ely and Lizzie’s post made me want to jump on a train and head back there for the day. Ely is such a lovely little city, steeped in history – definitely well worth a visit.

The funniest post I read in March came from Hannah at Hi Baby – her post So You Want to Live in an Instagram Home had me snorting with laughter all the way through – especially the mention of Farrow & Ball Wimborne White paint as I had spent the previous day pricing up how much F&B paint I would need to decorate the downstairs of our house. It was a much deserved Mumsnet Blog of the Day too. 

And finally, the most helpful post of the month has to be from Laura at Life With Baby Kicks with her post The Beginners Guide to Making an Income from Blogging – if you, or someone you know, is thinking of setting up a blog with a view to earning money from it then this post is full of incredibly useful information. 

I can’t wait to read more posts over the coming weeks, and I will be writing about my favourites at the start of next month. What were your favourite blog posts from last month? Are there any new blogs that you think I might like – If so please drop me a comment below, and I will check them out. 

Catherine xxx




  1. 4th April 2017 / 12:23 pm

    Oh thanks so much for featuring me Catherine, that totally made my day!! So glad to know someone is reading! I’m off to check out these other great posts now xx

    • Catherine
      4th April 2017 / 5:27 pm

      Aah, you’re welcome! I really loved your posts! xxx

  2. 4th April 2017 / 9:02 pm

    Thanks beautiful! I’m currently having a “F**K it” hour!! It’s been a long day!


    • Catherine
      5th April 2017 / 4:21 pm

      I had one of those yesterday too! xxx

  3. 4th April 2017 / 9:30 pm

    Thanks Catherine! I’m thrilled to be featured. The new dishwasher has arrived and the nits are gone. Yay! I loved Lizzie’s posts too. I msut check out the others you mentioned.

    • Catherine
      5th April 2017 / 4:22 pm

      Hurrah for a new dishwasher and good riddance to the nits! xxx

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