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Bloggers Spotify Playlist Featuring Virtually All Sorts

Welcome back to another instalment of Bloggers Spotify Playlist. If this is your first time here then here’s a little explanation of the series for you. Every two (or so) weeks a blogger shares a selection tracks that mean something to them. It could be the music their parents subjected them to as a child (Neil Diamond for me!) or the music that got them through some significant moments in their life. It really could be anything at all. My playlist was the ten tracks that got me up off my bum when I needed a dose of motivation – so really, anything goes!

This week’s virtual DJ is Carol from Virtually All Sorts and her playlist is fabulous from start to finish. Here’s Carol to tell you more…

Bloggers Spotify Playlist featuring Virtually All Sorts

What is the name you have chosen for your playlist?

My list is called ‘An Eclectic Mix’ and it’s just a mish-mash of my favourite tunes for various reasons.

What are your reasons for choosing these songs?

‘She’s Electric’ by Oasis (I was actually pregnant at the time I was jumping around the living room to this and didn’t know!… Love that it reminds me of my good friend and it never fails to get me bouncing around!)

‘Black Dog on my Shoulder’ by The Manic Street Preachers (because the lyrics are so, so clever with depicting depression. And yet it’s an upbeat little song and it’s by the Manics who I totally love!)

‘Real Gone Kid’ by Deacon Blue (so, so hard to choose my favourite Deacon Blue song and I love this for so many reasons. It reminds me of hearing it coming from my sister’s room when she was old enough to have a ‘radio cassette recorder’ as they were called back then – they were the bee’s knees! Oh and I love the ‘woooohoooooooo’ bit!!)

‘Song 2’ by Blur (love the energy in this. It reminds me of my college days and when we made a radio programme – oh and it also reminds me of when I met Blur while at college. Got on their tour coach and everything!)

‘Walkin’ Back to Happiness’ by Helen Shapiro (I love 60’s music and this is one of the first ones I ever heard when I discovered my Mum’s collection I think. Love how it starts and I always but always have to sing along at the top of voice!)

‘Build me up buttercup’ by The Foundations (just such a happy, upbeat little tune!)

‘Black Magic’ by Little Mix (it’s the first pop tune that our daughter danced and sang along to!)

‘Hold On’ by Wilson Phillips (the harmonies are beautiful and it has so much good energy.)

If you had to pick a favourite track from the playlist, what would it be?

Oh, how on earth do I choose my faves out of a list of faves?!

‘Hold on’ because it’s just beautiful and reminds me of my younger days of having vinyl! I can picture the cover of the record even now, though the record itself is probably long gone (could still be at my parents…) I love how I called it a ‘record’. So retro!

What would you like to tell my readers about you and your blog?

I’m Carol, a blogger, writer, wife and mum.  As well as a good dose of positive thinking, I love yoga, crystal healing, reiki, writing, reading and parenting (our daughter was born in 2009).  I help women to focus on the good and happy things in life.  And if it’s not all good and happy, I help turn it around to see the brighter side… because life’s for the good stuff.

Please pop by to say have a read, to say hi and I hope you enjoy my little dose of happiness!

Thanks so much for sharing your playlist, Carol – I loved it!

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If you want to listen to the playlist directly through Spotify then you can do so by searching for bloggersplaylist within Spotify (or clicking the link) where you will find not only this playlist but also all the other playlists in the series.

I am always keen to have more people take part in the Bloggers Spotify Playlist series, so if you would like to join in and share your musical tastes with the world then either pop a comment down below, drop me an email at Catherine@pushingthemoon.com, or you can message me via social media.

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