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Bloggers Spotify Playlist featuring The Lifestyle Mum

It’s Hump day! Hurrah for Wednesday! It’s also time for another Bloggers Spotify Playlist. This week’s playlist has been put together by Rachel from The Lifestyle Mum. At the time of sending her playlist to me Rachel was living in West Yorkshire, but now, just a couple of months later, she finds herself living on the other side of the world in Australia! 

Here’s Rachel to tell you more about her playlist….

Bloggers Spotify Playlist featuring The Lifestyle Mum


What is the name you have chosen for your playlist?

Motivation and laughter  


How did this playlist come about? 


I love to listen to songs that move me, not necessarily emotionally but  Certain songs take me back in time to when I was younger or a spark a memory. I like to listen to songs that I find motivational I find that rap and RnB music can really make me want to get up and smash my goals for the day.


What are your favourite tracks from the playlist?


My favourite song at the moment has to be ‘Shake It Off Disney Style’ my kids are obsessed with this and, to be honest, I am too. It’s so catchy and upbeat.


Anything else you would like to say about the playlist?


My playlist is definitely a mixture of different types and style of music but I like to think there is a bit of everything that everyone can enjoy and relate to.


Anything you would like my readers to know about your blog.

I am 29 years old and I am married with two children. I live in West Yorkshire and I live a very full on, funny and happy life with my family and there is always a story or funny moment to talk about and that is why I set up my blog.

I Love having interaction with other mums and bloggers and I use social media to connect with these people and I find them very inspirational. I write posts weekly and would love you to pop over and have a read.  



If you want to listen to the playlist directly through Spotify then you can do so by searching for bloggersplaylist within Spotify (or clicking the link) where you will find not only this playlist but also all the other playlists in the series.

I am always keen to have more people take part in the Bloggers Spotify Playlist series, so if you would like to join in and share your musical tastes with the world then either pop a comment down below, drop me an email at Catherine@pushingthemoon.com, or you can message me via social media.



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