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Bloggers Spotify Playlist featuring Snapshots and Adventures

Happy hump day! Only a couple of days till the weekend…. an extra long weekend at that! Whoop! So, let’s get in the mood for a bank holiday weekend by indulging in another Bloggers Spotify Playlist.

This week’s playlist has been curated by Ky from Snapshots & Adventures. Ky writes beautifully about her life down on the South coast with her partner and their adorable daughter, Clementine.

Here’s Ky to tell you all about the tracks she has chosen for your listening pleasure…

Bloggers Spotify Playlist featuring Ky from Snapshots & Adventures

What name have you chosen for your playlist?

Teenage Angst – it’s basically my late teens summed up in 10 songs.

Tell us more about your playlist

As you can probably tell I was a complete nu-metal loving goth teenager. Black was my favourite colour, for both clothes and makeup. It’s definitely not the sort of playlist to play around little ones and if I am completely honest this type of music is still my favourite. I’ve been to a lot of gigs and festivals over the years. From Reading back in 2001 (my first festival) to Download festival almost every year it’s been on. Some of these bands are still my favourite ones.

My favourite tracks are probably Korn – freak on a leash and Papa Roach – last resort. I can still remember the first time I heard/saw the videos for them. It was around the same time I was moving away from happy, pop boy/girl bands and looking for something more. Both bands mean a lot to me. As a late teen, I definitely had my issues, probably like a lot of people and most of these bands got me through the hard times. I could relate to them and not feel so alone. They sang about things I was going through or felt. I’ve also been lucky enough to see all but one of the bands on the list live, and most of them several times.

Tell us a little about your blog and where we can find you on social media

I recently started a new blog after having my previous one (Clementine Rocks) for 2 years! I blog about our new life down by the sea in Brighton. I’m also obsessed with stationery and taking photographs so you can expect lots of posts about those. 

My social channels are:





Thanks so much for putting this playlist together for us, Ky!

If you want to listen to the playlist directly through Spotify then you can do so by searching for bloggersplaylist within Spotify (or clicking the link) where you will find not only this playlist but also all the other playlists in the series.

I am always keen to have more people take part in the Bloggers Spotify Playlist series, so if you would like to join in and share your musical tastes with the world then either pop a comment down below, drop me an email at Catherine@pushingthemoon.com, or you can message me via social media.

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Bloggers Spotify Playlist featuring Snapshots & Adventures


  1. 3rd May 2017 / 9:44 am

    Thank you so much for featuring me x

    • Catherine
      5th May 2017 / 9:38 am

      Aah, you’re welcome! I loved your playlist!

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