Bloggers Spotify Playlist featuring Kelly Allen Writer
Bloggers Spotify Playlists Series

Bloggers Spotify Playlist Featuring Kelly Allen Writer

This week’s Bloggers Spotify Playlist is quite short and sweet, but also one of my favourites in the series so far… purely because of the inclusion of two David Bowie tracks. This is a playlist where our DJ has let the music do the talking, rather than the words, and rightly so too because all the tracks on this playlist are brilliant. Here is Kelly from Kelly Allen Writer to explain more about her choices…

Bloggers Spotify Playlist featuring Kelly Allen Writer

1. What is the name you have chosen for your playlist?

Rock Your Socks Off


2. How did this playlist come about? So, is it a playlist from a time in your life, or music that evokes a memory or emotion – or maybe it’s music you like to listen to while you are working / driving / dancing round the kitchen with the kiddies etc.


These are songs that get me moving, smiling and feeling sad, happy, sad, happy and finally motivated and euphoric.


3. What are your favourite tracks from the playlist?

ALL of them but in particular Bowie, of course.


4. Anything else you would like to say about the playlist?

These are songs everyone should know!


5. Anything you would like my readers to know about your blog.

Hmmmm well it’s a mixture of life, love and reviews. I hope you like it!

You can find Kelly on the following Social channels:






If you want to listen to the playlist directly through Spotify then you can do so by searching for bloggersplaylist within Spotify (or clicking the link) where you will find not only this playlist but also all the other playlists in the series.

I am always keen to have more people take part in the Bloggers Spotify Playlist series, so if you would like to join in and share your musical tastes with the world then either pop a comment down below, drop me an email at, or you can message me via social media.

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