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Bloggers Spotify Playlist featuring Jo Winwood

This is it. This  Bloggers Spotify Playlist is my idea of a perfect playlist…. if that playlist contained nothing but Bowie, Bowie and some more Bowie thrown in for good measure.

When this week’s DJ emailed her playlist over way back in January it took all my energy to not upload immediately – but I managed to hold back until now. Here is Jo Winwood who blogs at Jo’s Writing Space to tell us more about the tracks she has chosen

Bloggers Spotify Playlist featuring Jo Winwood


I grew up listening to David Bowie, his music was the soundtrack of my teenage years. When he died last year I wept and played his music. Since then I have renewed my love of his music so when I was asked to put a playlist together it seemed logical to choose some of my favourite Bowie tracks.

If I had to choose one track from the playlist it would be The Jean Genie. This was released in 1973 just before I got into Bowie – I bought Diamond Dogs in 1974, the first album I ever bought – so I listened to the older albums after that. The Jean Genie sums up all I love about Bowie: a strong riff, pounding harmonica, slightly dubious sounding lyrics. It’s a great track to sing along too as well!

I’m surprised that I haven’t picked more from Hunky Dory as it’s my favourite Bowie album but I guess there are some many tracks to choose from that I was bound to end up with a real mix.


Thanks so much for putting this playlist together for us, Jo!

If you would like to follow Jo then she can be found on Twitter and G+

If you want to listen to the playlist directly through Spotify then you can do so by searching for bloggersplaylist within Spotify (or clicking the link) where you will find not only this playlist but also all the other playlists in the series.

I am always keen to have more people take part in the Bloggers Spotify Playlist series, so if you would like to join in and share your musical tastes with the world then either pop a comment down below, drop me an email at Catherine@pushingthemoon.com, or you can message me via social media.

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Bloggers Spotify Playlist -Jo Winwood - a playlist of nothing but songs by David Bowie.

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