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Blog Posts I Loved… in April

Blog Posts I Loved… is a newish series where I look back over the previous month and highlight some of the best posts from other bloggers that I have read.

Blog Posts I Loved… in April

Tips for explaining autism to younger neurotypical children by Danielle from Someone’s Mum. This was such a helpful post – with explanations not just for children but also adults who, like me, have little to no direct knowledge of autism other than what I have seen in the media.

The Perils of Spring for Parents by Beth from Twinderelmo. Beth’s posts often make me chuckle, and this one was no exception. The mention of the ice cream van had me smirking because of something my mother-in-law admitted to me recently. She said that when her boys were young she would tell them that if the ice cream van was playing its jingly music then that was to let everyone know they had run out of ice cream! Clever lady!

The scar I never wanted but have all the same by Laura from Life with Baby Kicks. Laura appeared in my round up last month with a post on a very different topic to this one. She writes so beautifully about the scar she has from having two caesarean sections, how that was not in her plan, but how she is grateful for it all the same. 

My last pick for this month is You don’t look like someone with PND by Kerry from All About a Mini Norris. Kerry has written so eloquently about her recent PND diagnosis and this post is no exception. What does someone with PND look like? Kerry and I are polar opposites in many ways, especially in the way we look – she’s downright beautiful, I look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards on a good day – yet we both have had PND. Her post explains brilliantly how PND is completely indiscriminate in who it picks. 

What have been your favourite blog posts from April? 


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