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Bioglan Superfoods Review

A few weeks ago I was asked if I would like to try out some items from the Bioglan Superfoods range. Now, looking at me you would be forgiven for thinking that anything that is associated with the health foods industry would be as far removed from my interests as could possibly be, and to a certain extent you would be right. My lifestyle choices over the past decade have not been exceedingly healthy, and since having the kiddies I have definitely fallen into the trap of prioritising their health and well-being first (as it should be!), and not really looking after my own health and well-being at all. But, if you were to have known me 19 years ago you would have known someone who had such a keen interest in health foods and homeopathy that at the age of 21 opened their own independent health food shop. Sadly the shop didn’t last but I am still, to this day, incredibly proud that I gave it a go. 

Fast forward 19 years and the Catherine you see today is permanently tired (aren’t all parents?!), overweight, and not someone who finds it easy to fit exercise into her daily routine. On the flip side, the Catherine you see today is someone who realises she needs to make changes to her lifestyle, and is actively trying to do so. She has joined Slimming World, and while her weight loss has been slow to achieve it has been a steady loss, and she is happy that it is coming off at all. She has cut back on her drinking (oh, red, red wine, how I miss thee on a weeknight), and has started to take the correct supplements that are recommended for a woman in her Forties. She is also eating far more healthily than she has in a long time.

But she is still exhausted. She knows that exercise will help, so has been trying to fit in a work out whenever she can, but it’s just not been possible over the last few weeks – although she does manage to do her 10,000 daily steps every day. The Catherine you see today feels like she needs a bit of a boost, to push her through the day.

That’s where Bioglan Superfoods come in. The Superfoods range has been put together by the boffins at Bioglan and former England Rugby Player, Matt Dawson. There are a variety of different Bioglan products to try – each one jam-packed with the essential nutrients we need. I was sent a packet of Green Boost, a packet of Spirulina Powder and finally, a packet of Super Greens Cacao Boost.

I started off trying the Green Boost. There is a recipe for a Green Boost Smoothie of the back of the packet, and it looks delicious, but because I am following Slimming World at the moment smoothies are somewhat of a no-go area, as they can have a high ‘Syn’ content depending on what is in them. So, I tried to take it mixed into a glass of water. Unfortunately I did not like it at all in this form. I felt like I was drinking a glass of pure broccoli juice. However, I have tried it in yoghurt, and sprinkled over salad and found it to be much easier to take. 

I have yet to try out the Spirulina Powder, and will probably wait until I have used up my packet of Green Boost first. But, I have tried, and used up my entire packet of the Super Greens Cacao Boost. Again you can mix this into a smoothie, and I bet it would be delicious, but if, like me, smoothies are not your jam then mixing it with water is still really nice! The Cacao gives it a lovely chocolatey taste, which is brilliant for me being on Slimming World as it means I get the enjoyment of the taste of chocolate without the high Syn value attached to it (a daily glass of the Cacao Boost is 1 Syn). Winner!

But enough of the flavour – have I noticed a difference since taking Bioglan Superfoods? Yes, I bloomin’ well have. A huge difference – for the better. My energy levels have improved considerably. I no longer have that sluggish feeling that I used to get from mid morning onwards. It has gone. Completely. With this energy boost I have also felt a mood boost – my mind feels sharper. I can focus better. I am also sleeping better (and I never thought I had a problem with sleeping, but I am far more refreshed now when I wake each morning).  And to top it off I have seen a huge improvement in my skin too. I have lost some of the palidness I have had for a while.

I genuinely feel much healthier since I’ve been using the Super Greens Cacao Boost. I actually finished off my packet a few days ago and have noticed the difference already – so I will be buying more asap. 

Disclaimer: I was kindly sent the packets of Bioglan Superfoods for the purpose of this review however, as always, all words and opinions are my own.

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